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Viagra Generika

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That is generics in health? This medication medicines, including chemical substance — active pharmaceutical ingredients, which adequate to patented company-developer initial medication. Actually, in fact its is medicinal medicines, which have the same composition active substances, medical form and efficiency, what and original drugs, but not having patent. They differ from the original product for formula supplementary substances and circulate on the market after completion of time exercise of patent protection the initial medicine. So, sildenafil - multi-compound chemical active substance for increase potency. Most famous trademark under which produced. While when you needed drugs-generics Viagra so you looked into for the proper location. Welcome to to our site Here you always be able 69 viagra apotheke and more.

Typical that cost on them substantially less than the original drugs, with remedies is practically does not differ from the innovative on efficiency and safety, and are produced in accurate in compliance with established rules and requirements of quality. The use of generic drugs is unimaginable mediko-social meaning, because makes high-quality treatment available for all segments of the population. For example, in USA currently over 60 percent of all prescribed drugs formulations are generic drugs. Similar statistics available and States Western Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and etc.

Extensive using generic drugs allows the extremely intelligently to distribute state budget earmarked to health and accordingly, to organize financial provision to pay for expensive medical products treatments and service. Simultaneously, price competition developers generics initiates innovative companies to creation fundamentally new, more modern medicines and methods treatment.
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