Returning to TOS - Can you help me please?

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Returning to TOS - Can you help me please?

Post by bafomezinho » November 20th, 2018, 5:56 pm

Hi guys,
I'm a returning savior, last time played TOS the lv cap was 330 (rank 8) and a many things changed over the months, so I'm still confused with lots of things, do you mind helping me?
1) I've got 8 chars lv330 and now I need to lv them,are lv330-350 Sausym Room and 350+ Spell Tome ok for grind/CM?
2) Beyond running dg330, what else can I do farm some silver?
3) What gear should am I looking for? Are they dropable or only from instance dgs?
4) I've got one mage with sorc so I got the reset voucher, what do you think about lving it to 380 them resetting to a support build for instances ( as I don't have any good gears right now) like Wiz2-Link3-Thauma3-Enchanter2 ?

Can you suggest/see any viable builds ( for late game content like solmiki/velcoff or farming or anything) for the following characters I've got?

- Wiz - Cryo3 - Kino3 - Omny2 ( the one I'm playing right now)
- Cleric 2 - Priest 3 - Chap - PD 2
- Sword - Barb - Highlander3 - Doppel 3
- Archer 2 - Ranger 2 - Roghe - SR3
- Wiz - Cryo3 - Chrono3 -Sage
- Wiz2 - Link3 - Sorc3 ( reset voucher here =) )
- Wiz3 - Kino3 - WL2
- Sword - Pelt2 - Rod3 - Shinobi - Murmillo

(as you can see I've got few pvp characters =x )

I know re:build is coming but I wanna try to lv them up , make some money and try, if possible, to farm any good late game gear.

That's all, thanks <3
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