Paladin Build

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Paladin Build

Post by doolAy » January 15th, 2018, 8:29 pm

Hey all, fairly new to the game and I was trying to decide on a cleric build I wanted to play. I've been reading that paladin builds aren't the best support, but I was hoping that I could get opinions for a build thats mostly support with a little bit of damage thrown in. I haven't played at higher levels in this game so Im also hoping someone might have some numbers that might tell me which is better.

The build in question is based off of Valkoria's (Cleric) Paladin - Inquisitor Guide. But my build would be either:

cleric C2 > priest > paladin C3 > pardoner C2 > Inquisitor
cleric > priest C2 > paladin C3 > pardoner C2 > Inquisitor

I guess the first big question in this build for me is cleric vs priest. Is 5 in divine might and 5 in blessing, better than 10 in blessing and possibly points in sacrament. If the second choice is the right answer, how many points would you put into sacrament.

Second question I have is, because I am going pardoner, which skills should I skip over that I can just use scrolls for? From what I understand I could make scrolls for Cure, Monstrance, Restoration, Turn Undead, and Barrier. Does that mean it would be worthwhile for me to just skip all of those and only use scrolls for them. I guess im just in the dark about exactly how pardoner works and what level scrolls I could make.

Lastly, I was just planning on the same stat choices that Valkoria's guide uses, 50 con 110 dex and rest str, but if you think different stats with this build would be better I would definitely be curious as to which ones and why.

If you think this build is complete garbage too let me know. I like games where there are tons of choices in terms of classes, but I have a hard time making choices because of the inability to easily restat and reclass.

Thanks for any help and opinions in advance!
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Re: Paladin Build

Post by Scyllua » January 17th, 2018, 7:31 am

Hello there ; ) I have a full STR, attack-focused Paladin (my build being Cleric3/Paladin3/Kabba1/Zealot2) as opposed to a support Pala, so I'm not sure how useful my comments can be. But back when the big game overhaul took place (in May last year), I briefly tried a Priest/Pardoner for scroll making, and at the very least I think I can help a bit regarding this class.

First of all, I must say I favor Cleric2 instead of just one circle in this class. This because of the increased Heal tiles and the Divine Might skill; in my experience, just 5 points in Divine Might will be enough even when playing in a party. The vague "applies 5 times" explanation actually means DM will be effective for the next 5 skills you'll cast, but given its 27s cooldown time and the fact it'll be active for the next minute or until you exhaust all 5 uses, I've found I can have it continuously cast on my party (...except for those times when all my party members are swordies or archers and burn up skills like no tomorrow, of course).

If you're looking forward to invest points in the Priest's buff skills for support party gameplay, I'd rather try to maximize them... or overlook most buff skills completely if those aren't your priority or you're going solo. This is because you can always use other players' buff shops for yourself, with one of the recent game updates giving said buffs a fixed duration. On the downside, bonuses received from buff shops were nerfed in comparison to those cast by Priest themselves (I remember the developers explaining buff bought from shops were about 30% nerfed down, but as I don't have a Priest, I haven't checked this myself). But again, if my build prioritized buffs, I'd personally maximize those skills: nothing like having a personal buff machine, er, provider in the party to back everyone up!

Now, my brother does have an attack-focused Priest/Monk. He preferred investing points in Monstrance for the DEX bonus and overlooked all other buff skills, as he gets those from other players' buff shops. For support, however, he got Mass Heal, Revive and Resurrection.

Regarding the Pardoner Simony (scroll making) skill, from what I remember you do need to learn/have points invested in a skill in order to craft a scroll of it. In other words, you can't craft a Barrier scroll without points invested in Barrier. The finished scroll level is determined by the levels of the Simony skill and the skill you're copying... but I'm sorry, I didn't try this skill long enough to actually get a good grasp of how it worked beside the basics.

Lastly... I'm not really a fan of investing stat points in CON, as you can get HP from enchanted head accessories and, at higher levels, CON bonus points from weapons and equipment. For example, my lvl.280 Taoist has 30k of HP from 3 enchanted hats and just a Migantis dagger (...poor boy is mostly naked now that I've put him into stand-by and stripped him down of all clothing...), whereas my lvl.323 Paladin has 80 points of CON from just-regular-equipment bonuses. So, if you can hold on until getting good-better equipment at higher levels, I'd really suggest investing points in a stat other than CON.

As per DEX, I think you need to hit 150 DEX in total in order to get a real attack speed boost. If a char build is based mostly on skills (which, with the exception of a few, aren't affected by DEX) and won't be using simple attack/auto-attack that much, then I'd rather not invest points in DEX. That said, only my archer-class chars have at least 150 DEX; in the case of my cleric and swordie-classes chars, I preferred going with a full stat build (ie. full INT for my Taoist, full STR for my Paladin). Of course, DEX also affects evasion, but I must admit I've never really paid attention to it as, at later parts of this game, basically everything will hit you because of magic skills :omg: So, as weapons, equipment and maxed cards will help you boost your stats at higher levels, I really prefer not investing that many points in several stats for a single build.

I hope this might be even a bit useful for you. You wouldn't believe all the played hours I have in this game... and the little I still know about some of its mechanics :hmm: Or just how many chars I've had to redo because of bad builds (but here I'm trying to give advice, hmmm).
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Re: Paladin Build

Post by ce8vl3urqyts » April 11th, 2018, 12:59 pm

My build was just pretty straight forward. I want a PVE character that stacks up buffs and hits hard with auto-attacks. I'm currently using a full STR Paladin but planning to reset once I completed my items. Full STR builds are also useful for PVE but not for PVP, you should have a different build for PVP though.

Cleric1 >> Priest1 >> Priest2 >> Priest3 >> Paladin1 >> Paladin2 >> Paladin3 >> Inquisitor1 >> Inquisitor2

-Heal 5
-Cure 5
-Deprotected Zone 5

-Aspersion 15
-Blessing 15
-Sacrament 10
-Monstrance 5

-Smite 15
-Resist Elements 15
-Restoration 15

-God Smash 10
-Fear of Anguish 10
-Breaking Wheel 10
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