Build Advice?

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Build Advice?

Post by Poyudi Hytori » December 6th, 2017, 4:02 pm

I haven't played Tree of Savior since the Beta a while ago. So while I know a bit of my way around, I'm still unsure on class building. I'm thinking about building a class just for earning money (Or whatever the currency is?) in the game. And this is what I have so far. ... sccd40ikr/

I'm fairly certain on the Skills for Swordsman C2 and Barbarian C2. But I'm having trouble deciding on the Squire's Skills. Just reading the Descriptions it doesn't seem that the repair skill is useful past that 25% chance to double the durability of a item. (If I'm understanding this right, than its an increase of 1 point per level? Not 1 Percent per level?) so It seems the skill points are better spread like I have them. But it would be great to have a better explanation of how the Repair and Maintenance skills actually work in practice.

I figure Templar for Rank 8 Since this build isn't really meant for anything past the using the Squire for making money, and its likely, if I enjoy the game enough, that I'd make a small guild for me and any friends I drag in to play the game with.

As for the stats, I remember from the Beta for Swordsman that the build of 9 Str 1 Dex, with Event stat points going to Con, being a good balance for more solo style leveling.

Thoughts? Advice? o:
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