Halp >.<

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Halp >.<

Post by sqvirel » July 19th, 2017, 2:24 pm

This is my last post, I swear XD
I finally decided on my 3 characters:
Main: Schwarzer Reiter + mount (takes up 1 character slot)
2nd: Alchemist (for free pots, awakenings and some fun with item crafting)
3rd: Murmillo (the "for fun" character)

Now, regarding the 3rd one... Lately I've been wavering between builds and it's driving me crazy
Namely, I cannot decide if I should do the Pelt/Rode/Shin/Murm for dps or Pelt/Rode/Murm for tanking. At the moment I'm Pelt C1 and I need confirmation from you guys or I'll go insane.

What I originally wanted to do:
http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simu ... afy3vjg6y/
Stats: Full STR
+Burst from clones
+Ninja Walk attribute
+Increased Maximum Weight attribute
-Shinobi quest (I did the Appraiser one for my SR and it was a pain in the azz, even tho I got lucky and finished it in just 5hrs, and if this one is as irritatig, then I dunno...)
-A bit squishier than Tank version
-Summoned clones can lead to your downfall as you share damage (or so I heard, needs confirmation)

What's been bugging me for past few days (no idea if done right, need some help on this one):
http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simu ... 0m07vgl95/
Stats: STR 2:CON 1
Pros (compared to OMA version):
+More Pelt skills to be affected by Cassis Crista attribute
+Tankier, almost double the HP
-Less dps
-No useful Shin attributes

I did a small calculation between stat builds to see how much base HP I'd get from Swashbuckling's +25% HP attribute and this is the result:
OMA: base 27254 hp -> swash 34067 hp
Tank: base 46225 hp -> swash 57781 hp

With the Tank build I thought I could add Shin as rank 9, but it's gonna be aeons till it arrives... And even when it does, probably Murm C2 will be better choice...

Please help, I can't play my swordie comfortably before I solve this problem...
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