Looking for a Full Support (PVE) Build AFTER PATCH

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Looking for a Full Support (PVE) Build AFTER PATCH

Post by lincoln.moreira » May 19th, 2017, 8:22 pm

I was thinking about keep my actual build, wich is:
Cleric 2 - Priest 3 - Oracle 1 - Kabbalist 2
But Hard Skin got nerfed and my blessing is givin only +1222 and pardoner buff shop blessing is giving +1000 so I don't think it's worth much.
I was plannin to change it to:
Cleric 2 - Div 3 - Oracle 1 - Kabbalist 2
Ausurine got nerfed but cooldown reduction and reduce SP consumptiona are still very good but I never played div before and I don't know if its good or if is better than priest for full support.

If someone has any tips or advice please let me know
or if someone knows any other good full support build for PVE please tell me.

And If I made any mistake with my english: SORRY :sob:
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Re: Looking for a Full Support (PVE) Build AFTER PATCH

Post by Satanica » June 2nd, 2017, 8:25 am

Hola, amigo!
I dont understand, that for full support cleric do you want.
I am sure there are the best choice is 2Cleric-3Priest-Crivis-2PD for dungeons and ET.
Bless is now the best full support skill of all clerics. Crivis have to be for Dayno. PD saves party from negatives and damages.
Nice new variant is Palladin. For true barrier. Especially for high ET floors.
Dievdibris always is good support cleric, but it is quite UNmobile in because of UNmobile statues. Think abuot.
BUT if you want to be smth like true-PvP-support, it will be another build. For example smth like 2Clerics-3Dievdibris-Miko-2PD.

My own cleric now is 2Clerics-3Priests-Chaplain-2PD 150Spr-CON. Semi-support high surviaval beast.
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Re: Looking for a Full Support (PVE) Build AFTER PATCH

Post by 153675minus1 » June 17th, 2017, 1:58 pm

Hello there ...

Full Support build have far more variant and more freedom depending on the party composition , especially dependent on other Cleric's build ...

Cleric 2 Krivis 1 x x Miko/Kannushi 1 Kabbalist 1 Taoist 1 have the most option when it comes to party , Daino will always appreciated , Aukuras can switch-taunt , Ein Sof is your new SP pot , R7Fold is a one off invincibility , Hamaya have 8s "Barrier" property , Kagura can add extra line of Holy Damage property , Hiding Charm can save your main-tank , and Storm Charm can do damage with zaibas . x x are commonly filled by Krivis , as they have Divine Stigma that can boost damage both physical and magical , and Melstis can hold Glass Mole and Chapparition ... , the catch is , you are weak until you go Taoist , and your Master sold you ripped off paper in order you to function properly (i mean 1k silver each , and most of the time you need 2 for each skill activation even the failed one T.T)

Cleric 2 Priest 3 Chaplain 1 PD 2 with full SPR is the most well-balanced support and carry . Invincibility they have 2 , Heal they have 2 , Extra damage they have a LOT , DoT they have a LOT , prevention they are the best . They are cheap , can fit into most party , both sturdy and bulky , but offer almost none of protection whatsoever . Also they are buff slot hungry , so you need a Daino Scroll in order to party with them properly .

Cleric 2 Diev 3 x x x is de facto your choice in your end-game content . They offer almost anything you need in end game content . Zemyna can decrease activation SP cost (not SP drain) , Laima can decrease cooldown and SLOW the opponent , World Tree silences the mob thus luring it to the tree , and Ausrine is the best invincibility in the game . They can carry themselves , but is the most turtle of the turtle . x x x commonly filled with PD 2 or Druid 3 which is the most versatile soloist in the game .

Cleric 2 Diev 3 Krivis 3 (you can change Diev 3 or Krivis 3 with Priest 3) is the most hardcore FS build . I haven't seen anybody outside kToS doing this build . It's just too painful to play them .

And last but not least you should build the party centered around 3 character . The two Clerics and the Carry . Tank should and have to adapt to most situation so he/she isn't important factor in building the party . The 4 of the build are the most mainstream Full Support/Semi-DPS , you can tinker with one of the idea and your party ultimately you can decide .

Happy ToSing , God Bless you ... ;)
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