Tree of Savior on Amino

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Tree of Savior on Amino

Post by PizzaNightmares » December 29th, 2016, 8:51 am

Disclaimer: I understand that this suggestion has no relation to this website in particular, but I feel it is an idea that warrants being voiced. If this post would be better suited somewhere else, I'll gladly repost it there.

I've come to find the Amino app to be a very useful way of finding other active members of games I play and enjoy (namely Overwatch and Elsword). However, I discovered that an Amino for Tree of Savior hasn't been created yet. As someone who lacks any degree of experience in regards to running/building a community hub, I thought I would at least throw this idea out there to make anyone with experience/interest in doing so aware of the "opportunity."

This game needs as much positivity in the community as it can get, and I think that an Amino community would help to generate and encourage that.

For more info on Amino, to whom it may concern: ... ster&hl=en
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