Need Expert Help!! PVP oriented Inquisitor

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Need Expert Help!! PVP oriented Inquisitor

Post by Pounders » October 9th, 2016, 1:55 pm

To any experts in Tree of Savior,
Right now I'm about to make STR DPS cleric.
I have two consideration
First is
C>P3>M3>I ... vcx4c87ui/
Second is
C2>D2>M3>I ... lkw2ydawj/
Regarding to current meta/patch balance, which build is more viable or maybe if there any build more viable than this.
Can I have your advise?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Need Expert Help!! PVP oriented Inquisitor

Post by shinigamikira » October 9th, 2016, 9:02 pm

i recomend it ... oszt37kip/

about your skill choices

God Finger Flick > this is trash, not spend point on this

One Inch Punch> not maximize this is insanity

and in Monk c1 you need to put 1 point in Palm Strike and Hand Knife, helps a lot, and you have to have them at lvl 1 anyway

Iron Skin is a nice skill, and Monk 3 is bad, is much better Plague Doctor, crowd control in this game is OP, Plague Doctor is God, especially in a Monk+Inquisitor you become an unstoppable monster, and Pandemic do you spread the debuff of Monk on all enemies

Sacrament > you not need this in lvl10, it is just to add extra hit, it makes no difference lvl 5 or 10

Revive> LVL MAX ! THIS IS OP !, lvl10 instead of dying you go heal 50% HP and Invincibility: 10 seconds, with this skill the enemy have to kill you 2 times, this is not a skill to revive dead allies, is a skill that prevents death,
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