All C1 Templar

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All C1 Templar

Post by spacepan » June 29th, 2016, 12:18 am

Hi guys. I'm working on a Templar and considered a wonky build like this:

Swordsman -> Peltasa -> Hoplite -> Cataphract -> Corsair -> Dopple -> Templar

It seemed like everyone unanimously agrees that Cata 1 sucks and is pointless without c3, so I decided to go with this instead:

Swordsman -> Peltasa -> Hoplite -> Hoplite -> Corsair -> Dopple -> Templar

But now I'm wondering if this makes more sense:

Swordsman -> Peltasa -> Hoplite -> Hoplite -> Hoplite -> Dopple -> Templar

The idea behind this build is to grab both Jolly Roger + DPE for farming and helping rush/lvl new characters. But since I'm already going to lose a whole rank of damage due to Templar, is doubling down on this drawback with Corsair gimmicks ultimately a really dumb thing to do, and am I losing so much in damage that the utility Corsair offers won't be worth it?

I'm also curious to get thoughts on the original "all c1" idea. Has anyone tried anything that stupid with positive results? Does anyone else see how that original swordsman build kind of makes sense?

Also, if I have Finestra and switch to one-handed spear + off-hand for Dust Devils, does that work? I actually want Dust Devils to NOT work in this build so I can justify simply going 5/5/5 Jolly/Hook/Haul.

My last question is that if I stick with the second build, does it make sense to go with higher DEX to offset the fact that I only have level 10 Finestra?
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