Duo in search of guild FR/EN on Fedimian.

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Duo in search of guild FR/EN on Fedimian.

Post by Vava » April 22nd, 2016, 2:30 am

Title says all.

To make it small : My friend and myself are kind of hardcore gamers with the time we have, he got studys i'm at work. So when we can we really play. I played mmo's my hole life (24y atm) Ragnarok was one of them also, A LOT of private. Crushed most of those, come in w/friend, make guild, make people join ours, only one guild left that have enough PvP to handle WoE, leave serv. Funny times. Next to ro i played most of mmo's that exist in eu or na i at least did it to the max level. Grinding is our passion and we handle most of everything by our self. We did most of dungeonds only by us 2 before we got the info that party exp is now totally op in a 5 party man. My friend got some less mmo experience but he is on the good way :) Btw he's 16 (little bro's of one of my best friends who is not that in gaming) so we are looking for a guild who's ok for that, anyways most of guild we joined were 20+ restrictions they never feld bad about there choice. THIS IS TAKING LONG and, oh god, what's my english shity :D

Some details in quick for people not interesting to read all my blahblah;
We are from Belgium
C3 Kr1 Par1 Drui2 lv 227.
W3 Elem3 RuneCaste1 lv 227
We facking love grinding in party , i lost a lot of pleasure in sologrinding but my bro still loves it.
We are looking for a more hardcore directing guild , we would like to clean ToE as quick as possible once we are in Fendimian (yeh we are stuck in orsha you huehue's)
We speak FRENCH but we don't mind a english guild. Just take note that vocal will be a bit more complicated :p but is still ok.
Well if any question let me know !

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Post by Joshuaron » May 17th, 2016, 2:10 am

Good luck Nymph and welcome back. Should add a bit more to the game as a whole, I am sure next age there will be a bit more variety on the Barnabas side.
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