Secret of the Solstice

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Secret of the Solstice

Post by RandyMarsh » March 23rd, 2016, 5:48 am

So it was a game I used to play 24/7. All day everyday....the very first MMO after Everquest that I tried for real. It was a game called Secret of the Solstice. It was a slight RO clone and it had horrible management that eventually killed it, but god damned if it wasn't the funnest game I'd every played. I think fondly of it with my rose-tinted-glasses nearly every week.

ToS looks like a beautiful updated version of SoS, and I've been waiting to see this game release since it was known to some people as "Project R"

What I'd like to do is find some more people who played SoS and invite them to send me a PM about joining up with the steam group. It's not like gigantic or anything, but we have 28 or 29 ex-SoS players now, and it's just a really great group of people and a nice safe space to chat.

If you're interested hmu! We'd love to have more people for the Steam group! We plan on starting a guild for the family, so don't be a stranger! :oops:
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