Some thing a hunter need to know

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Some thing a hunter need to know

Post by x7946138520x » April 28th, 2015, 5:02 am

About pet
1.The most cheap pet’s price is 38W(which means 380k),eagle is around 135W(1350k) if i didn’t mistaken.
2.Seems you can only have 1 pet at one time...which you can choose in the character login screen. so falcon and hunter...well,i cant make sure later they will change it or not, isn’t it.(i guess no though,you riding a pet and with a hawk? Sounds cool,but it will become imbalance)
Alt+1 is touch pet,which increase the relationship points(not sure) .
Alt+2 is feed pet, recover the pet health and stamina of the pet.
Alt+UP arrow key is to ride.
Alt+Down arrow key is get off. f9 will show the pet UI,you can spend money to upgrade the pets state, when u riding it, it will give you extra stats which is good.(if have upgraded,and require the stamina cannot be empty.)
5.The 38W pet damage is 1 point, but sometimes the damage is higher than me though , i also wondering why. some friends said the damage depends on the companion's level, and the relationship points.
6.The attack mode including normal bite and rush. Rush can knock enemies away, not bad huh? But what if when you going to use aoe....and your pets rushing to the enemies and knocking them back far away...
7.When the pet is low in hp, it will just get dizzy for a few seconds and it can still fight.
8.Pets wont take the lead, so you have to attack a enemy to start the fight, only selecting the enemy aim will not work. And pet will attack the enemy you attacking.

About Hunter skill
Extra critical chance, and its quite high actually,30%! wow, so cool——and you cant use on boss, or even large monsters i think, wow,so troll.
No logic to spend skill point on this.
Nice damage! Which is almost 15 times of my normal attack! Aoe damage and knocking enemys away! But……
1.You have to attack a monster first.(only selecting enemy and use skill will waste the skill CD and nothing will happen)
2.You have to face that monster(or skill CD wasted and nothing will happen
3.Your skill must in CD(shut up
4.Your pet cant be too far from that monster(or skill CD wasted
5.Your pet must able to action(if your pet is knocked away/stunned or in some other unknown situation and you used skill, congrats! CD wasted.
But skill CD is only 5 seconds! so if its not really a big problem....right...?
Anyway, if you can act properly and this skill is the main skill of hunter for sure. The damage is beautiful, short cooldown, use it when CD! A good hunter is the hunter who can use this well. You can use this to deal damage or save your friends which in danger(those mages jumps like jumping pad,even you dont save them they will still do the same thing though,i think they are having fun, so just let them keep jumping.... ).
Increase the move speed and attack speed, CD 1min, just ok, comparing to other useless skill, this one is much better already. But when you riding on pets, seems this buff will disappear.
C1 Rouge can make the same thing, why i need a C2 Hunter!? But this skill might be useful...i hope so.
You need to combine this skill with coursing, then the problem is you cant use it on Boss——well.
C3 Scout can make the same thing, why i need a C3 Hunter!?But this skill might be useful...i hope so.
C1 Scout can make the same thing, why i need a C3 Hunter!?But this skill might be useful...i hope so.

This is a support class, which can support in not directing damage part:anti-invisible,reduce dodge,fear. Combining with perks, i cant make sure this class is strong or weak, but comparing to other class like ranger,sapper,巫蛊师(which is wugushi), hunter deal less damage and thats the payback, i also not sure is it a good choice to go higher circle, C2C3...i could just choose scout for support, rouge for single target damage dealing. As a rank 3 class, nobody can affort 38W at the early game(i only have around 2W(20k) when i just changed the job to hunter.).
If you just like using pets, falcon is also a good choice, which having area defence reduction, aoe/single damage, and a invicible skill with 1 min cd.(and hawk is more cool isn’t it).
Also choose hunter means low leveling speed:Ranger can deal higher damage and more easier to use comparing to hunter.

Strength 2/5——
This 2 point is for rushdog.
Support 3/5——
Anti-invisible,reduce dodge,fear, and for these you need C3, which is not a good idea.
Difficulty 4/5——
This 4 point is for rushdog.
Fun 2/5——
Actually mostly i riding it instead of fight with it.
Recommendation 0/5——
{ hunter=true;}
{ Choose_Other_Class=true;}
If you don’t have love for a hunter , this class don’t fits you for sure.

I hope this class can be buffed, i like hunter very much though, but now its too useless.

Hope this can help the people who want to choose archer and choose the most difficult path——hunter.

You need to know:
1.This class have no beautiful skills.
2.This class actually is for support instead of damage dealing
3.Your leveling speed might be slow.
4.Even you are a C2 hunter already, you might still cannot affort a pet.

So now,ask yourself:
Am i really going to become a hunter?

I guess no haha.
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Re: Some thing a hunter need to know

Post by yanetagiu » April 1st, 2017, 12:12 am

Most thing this person says are fake or lie or not updated.
I've been hunter for long time... And I can say it.

- First thing, you CAN be falconer and hunter together, many videos prove it.
- The Pet gets dizzy a few seconds when it dies (I mean, 0 hp, he can't die).
- The Pet takes the rides if any mob is approaching to attack you.

About the skills:
- Coursing is the 2nd best skill from C1, but I recommend it to be level 1, to avoid the pet getting bugged.
Also, it ankles and prevent the mob to take any action for the duration.
***About the bug:
The pet stays ankled and you can use its skills but only if it's close to the target and then it keeps ankled.
It happens frecuently when a mob targeted with Coursing dies too fast and the pet can't reach it.
But most time, you just have to wait for the duration of Coursing to get the pet back.
The bug, also, may be solved by using the Pointing skill. The pet start to run around pointing mobs and after the AI duration it gets unbugged.
At dungeons, if the pet is bugged, using Pointing teleports the pet to you, being able (at least) to target skills such as Snatching.

- Now, you may ask, why isn't Coursing the best skill of C1? Is it Rush Dog?
No, it's Snatching. It deal obscene damage to flying mobs, even Bosses!
When a flying mob is catched with it, it can't move and get constant high damage dying very fast.
It has, also, an attribute that adds 100% slash damage.
This skill can make many dungeon rushes very easy, but it's not only being used for bosses, you can use it more frecuently than you think.
It can be throwed to many floating ghosts, balls, and obviously any winged mob. It can affect grouped mobs too.

- Rush Dog isn't as hard to land, just wait to the pet to sit after you and then you can throw it by targeting the mob with your sight.
And, besides it has great/amazing early damage, it decays later in the game.. But it has a nice utility at PvP, it stuns most times for a nice duration.

- Praise is used only at level 1 to buff the pet movement speed, the stats it grants are mehh...

- Pointing is just for unbugging the pet.

- Hounding comes free, so, use it, it's free because you take hunter C2 only for retrive.

- Retrive is the best hunter skill, and unables any target for long time, doing OK damage and applying hard CC (nicier at PvP).

And now, you get a free pet voucher by doing the Hunter C1 class quest.

So my scores are:
- Strength: 3/5 (PvE) 4/5 (PvP)
(not the most damaging class, but it shines at dungeon rushes)
- Support: 3/5 (PvE) 4/5 (PvP)
(not 4 or 5 because its focused on single targets)
- Difficulty 5/5 (PvE) 3/5 (PvP)
(It's hard to target correct mobs, even Bosses, it's easier at PvP)
- Fun 2/5 (PvE) 5/5 (PvP)
(Not many bright effects and AoEs opportunities, lovely at PvP)

Build C1 to have a better PvE first 200 levels. C2 to PvP focus.
Don't build it if going to max early classes such as Quarrel Shoter C3 or Ranger C2/C3.

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