Bringing in new players & level gap (xp) questions

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Bringing in new players & level gap (xp) questions

Post by EldritchBirdie » September 27th, 2016, 3:21 am

When I spent an hour or so googling various topics related to it, I really got outdated and info all over the board. I stopped playing early after release but I see the devs making strides to fix the problems I had initially. Cool. I got some of my Twitch viewers to give the game a try with me, problem is we don't always stay within the same level range at least early on when leveling is "quicker".

So my question is basically, how can we help each other without penalizing each other? Right now I've like 5 characters across various level ranges just so I can have someone "near" their level when they are on. Not working so well as new people start playing too. If my level 45 wizard parties with a level 20 to run around with them, is this hurting their exp gain? I am not talking about power leveling, or having them stand in a safe zone while I kill level 45 mobs. Just being in a party, running along side while they do their questing and map completion.

Do I need to be within 10 levels of them.. the map.. or does it not matter? Do I need to have them tag first, kill last.. etc. Just need clarification on the general topic. Thanks folks!
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Re: Bringing in new players & level gap (xp) questions

Post by Rugal » September 27th, 2016, 11:40 am

There is no restriction to level, you get penalties for the EXP only.
Here is the source of information for you Steam
Party leveling
The experience you can gain in a party depends on its composition and how it was made. If you have certain number of unique base jobs (Cleric, Archer, Wizard and Swordsman) or you use the dungeon party finder you receive further experience bonuses. The different combinations of these bonuses are as follows:


Note: Having less than 5 members in the Finder column means you used the dungeon and subsequently lost players. Finder bonus experience is only applicable in dungeons.
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