Already Wizard C3 > Linker C1, then...

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Already Wizard C3 > Linker C1, then...

Post by Motnahp » August 21st, 2016, 8:42 am

Hi all, currently Linker C1 (Job 11), I'm indeed quite satisfied by the performance of jointly penalty(JP) + hangman's knot(HK) + magic missile(MM). Being a fan of no-element magic, It is actually a bit sad to see all the higher DPS classes are related to dark magic (sorcerer, necro, warlock & featherfoot). That's why I created this thread. Hoping to receive some feedbacks from you. Some background info of mine:

3 INT : 1 CON

What I often do in game (What I wanna do with the build):
With a full-time employment, what I can do off-duty is to auto-search for parties in dungeons (typically Merc Missions) on weekdays. And quests on weekends. I'm Lv.111, but still working on Lv.90 maps. Having no desire on top equipment / PVP, I'm more than happy if I'm not a burden to my team and can solo the quests. What troubles me is that my build may become so poor that I will stuck after R5. This is my first character so I have no experience in that high level. I only hope that the chosen build can fulfill this little dream.

Some possible options I can think of.

Option 1 - Wizard C3 > Linker C1 > Thau C3 > Future DPS Class?
This build aims at improving the performance of MM. JP+HK+MM combo is very good at dealing group of monsters of similar HP. Also, I guess this build is good at team playing / dungeon?

The major drawback is the lack of DPS skills and those against single targets. I have already had some hardtime facing elite monsters in Royal Mausoleum. JP+HK+MM is good, but when the linked monsters are having a significantly lower HP than the elite one, this combo is not effective against the elite. And I have no other skills against the elite until the end of MM cool down. (I invest no energy bolt)

Worry: Will I face a hard time leveling up / got stuck at certain levels?

Option 2 - Wizard C3 > Linker C1 > Psycho C3 > ?
Concerning the above drawback, I wonder if introduction of Psycho can improve the DPS, if Psychic Pressure (PP) can fill the cool time of MM. I have watched some Wiz C3+Psycho C3 videos on youtube and I found that the damage of PP is not bad for a R6 class. I'm not sure if that's sufficient for R7.

Worry: How's the performance of JP+HK +PP? Would it be useless during boss fighting as I have to run away from boss' AOE often?
I typed too much! Hoping to hear anything from you, advise on the above options, other alternatives, Anything is great. Thanks so much :!:
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Re: Already Wizard C3 > Linker C1, then...

Post by DLcomplete » August 21st, 2016, 11:20 am

get rune caster as well

for rune of giants, destruction and protection

synergizes well with wiz c3
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Re: Already Wizard C3 > Linker C1, then...

Post by renseiryuu » August 21st, 2016, 2:49 pm

I'm going to recommend Chronomancer C3 instead. Since you mostly partying with people, I believe being support mage would be most useful.

In rank 8, I recommend Enchanter with Lightning enchant. Add with Quicken lvl 15, Blessing, and Sacrament...yeah.
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Re: Already Wizard C3 > Linker C1, then...

Post by oishidesu » August 21st, 2016, 3:17 pm

if u want go damage, maybe this build will help you :gawi: :gawi: :gawi: :gawi: ... ni8l01e1o/ (replace the pyro with ur linker for easy look)

original source : ... ubxj1ezct/
actually this is my build haha :shy: :shy:
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Re: Already Wizard C3 > Linker C1, then...

Post by Akatuoro » August 22nd, 2016, 12:11 pm

Hi Motnahp,

as you said all the good single target dps classes have elemental damage. So you might find yourself struggling when soloing quest bosses. Psychic Pressure is good, but it's mainly a multi target skill.
Since you want to add more damage sources I'd suggest you take Rune Caster at rank 6 with Rune of Destruction, Rune of Giant and Rune of Justice.

Possible paths might be:
- Psycho c1 -> Rune Caster c1 -> Linker c2
New damage skills and better links later.
- Linker c2 -> Rune Caster c1 -> Linker c3
Extra burst damage through Rune Caster, way better links.
- Thauma c1 -> Rune Caster c1 -> Linker c2
Little buffs through Thauma, extra damage and better links.

Anyways I'd definitely suggest you take 1 or 2 more ranks into Linker because there'll be a lot to link later in the game. All of the builds can either go Sage or Enchanter at r8.
~~ Akatuoro :gawi:

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