How to Make Templar Look Scary ??

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How to Make Templar Look Scary ??

Post by jasonch » July 5th, 2016, 3:51 am

Hey i am on my way to become templar i am lv 170 Now with 2: 2 : 1 Status STR: CON: DEX. We know that templar skill is only for the guild. Many people suprise on the game suprise when i told them i will become templar. Why they supprise ? maybe because templar sound like someone with high defense and lack of damage. Well, quite right.

But I don't want to defense always, so i choose this DPS/TANK build. The result, my only card for killing monster and pvp is "Stabbing" skill ... xy6l9ic0w/ this build recommend choose peltasa 1 skill, and hoplite 2 so the char can have damage too. The damage is good for bosses but for pvp it has weakness, the enemy should stop moving frist. The only way i think to fill the gap by using expensive and great equipment. Max Petalion, Brandish.

Is anyone has advice to make templar look cool, scary ( good damage) rather then become defense. Because i think Guild Leader can't loose to other enemy player, always defense all the time, when the leader of the guild being killed, it make the guild look weak. Or should i just forget about the damage, and focus on the defense.
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