The Dark fire lord build

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The Dark fire lord build

Post by jujaiskie1 » June 5th, 2016, 6:21 pm

i just wanna know whats the attribute build on this one. The one that sorcker built. thanks!
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Re: The Dark fire lord build

Post by Aquaくろ » June 5th, 2016, 8:04 pm

you mean ... dx4rl07dw/ ?

since he has 2 builds that are pretty similar and he already mentioned attributes for the other build you could just use that.
just take the attributes he suggested for pyro, sorc and feather.

Just in case you cant find it (for some reason) :
Additional damage (max lvl 5): This is what makes Lethargy a good spell: it enhances the Strike damage in 100%!! The problem is to define what Strike damage is haha. Maces and some Monk's and Paladin's skills are Strike, but there are some Swordsman's too, like Highlander's Cartar Stroke, Cataphract's Earth Wave, Corsair's Keel Hauling... In other words, its good to kill things in a party with those characters. 100% more dmg is absurd. I know this build is intended for solo, but there are dungeons and mercenary missions on this game which are made in automatically formed parties, and having Lethargy on them will be very useful.

-Class Atribute
Staff Mastery Fire (max lvl 3): Gives an additional fire property attack of 9 at lvl 3. Its nice in the early game when you are using a staff, before you drop or buy an arde dagger+rod.

Burn Debuff (max lvl 5): Be careful with this one. It adds a 50% chance to inflict Burn on monsters for 5s, which makes them take some damage per second. The damage is ok, but be careful because it adds 8s of cooldown!

-Enchant Fire
Decrease Fire Property Resistance (max lvl 5): It's a very good and underrated attribute. It decreases the fire resistance of enemies in a VERY SMALL area around you for 5 seconds. Combo this in a boss stading on a Flame Ground + Fire Pillar + 2 Fireballs and you got a huge boost of damage.
Example of damage amplification

-Class attribute
SP Recovery (max lvl 100): Each lvl increases your SP recovery by 1. Its extremely good for when you dont have your summon up, because the summon cancels your natural sp regen.

-Summon Servant
Quick Order (max lvl 1): The cat gives buffs more often.

-Summon Familar
Splash (max lvl 5): 5% chance that the bats explodes when hit, doing an aoe damage

-Attack Ground and Hold
Decreased cooldown (max lvl 1): minus 2s cooldown.

-Class Attribute:
Increased Recovery (max lvl 10): Increases the recovery of HP and SP from skills and potions by 5% at lvl 10. Its nice to combo with the sorc class, because you will spend a lot of mana with those two classes haha.

-Bone Pointing
Summon Time (max lvl 5): Increases the duration in 5s. Its important because I only invested 1 level in it, keeping it in the minimum duration.

Enhance (max lvl 3): I did not invested any point in that skill, but If I had to, it will be only 1 point to get this attribute. Enemies cursed by any sources, not only by Kurdaitcha, have a 3% chance to take double damage from a hit. Its too low to be worth and our build focus on damage over time instead of burst, so doubling one tick from fireball isnt so powerful.
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