Guild (Recruiting): SongofBlades

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Guild (Recruiting): SongofBlades

Post by Vitoviet » March 12th, 2016, 10:44 pm

Hi Everyone this is SongofBlades (SoB) a brand new guild

I am Vitovito (former name Litoviet) from Ragnarok days. Played Ragnarok for 10 years. Class type Knight.

New Start, so I'm hopping people would come around and join together to party, Hang out, PvP, PvE, Everything you can think of and of course if your not scared to come talk or drop by to say Hi..... Come and Join me and others on Discord (teamchat) leaving this here cause i can???
Also a streamer (

Must Have:
- Must speak English (dont matter what you are but you must speak it)
- Discord ( You must join ... you don't have to talk just be here to listen)
- Server: (when it ever comes out)

Thanks you, Hope too see you there on Discord and ToS
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