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Is the server dead?

Posted: February 23rd, 2018, 7:12 am
by warmered
I came back to play some days ago, and I want to know if the game still have a good population of players.
I tried NA servers and SEA, and I found more players in SEA server ( in low lvl zones ) and in city there are only Merchant players *afk*
So... Can someone show me any data about login players/ population scale?

Thanks for attention !! :kis: :no1:

Re: Is the server dead?

Posted: February 25th, 2018, 8:16 pm
by PizzaNightmares

Average players is just above 1500 (at the time of writing this). So... yeah, kinda.

I still play though.

Re: Is the server dead?

Posted: February 26th, 2018, 10:08 am
by kevinflemming
PizzaNightmares wrote:
February 25th, 2018, 8:16 pm
Average players is just above 1500 (at the time of writing this). So... yeah, kinda.
That is considerably more than some games. For instance, RO2 only has an average of 50 each day. Royal Quest, 65. AION, 600. TERA, 1,000 (EU) 1,500 (NA). Not including those who use separate launchers, obviously.

To compare with more popular games. Neverwinter, 2,700. Final Fantasy XIV, 7,400. Path of Exile, 14,000. Black Desert Online, 16,700. So yeah, while it might not be up there with the big boys, it's definitely still a decent amount of people. If it ever hits below 250-500, then you could potentially call it "dead" but even then, I've played some of the quieter games and still come across plenty of players.

Re: Is the server dead?

Posted: February 26th, 2018, 9:01 pm
by Scyllua
I always wonder about how players determine whether a server is "dead". As I'd like to point out, you don't need to compare every game to Dota 2 and its 500k players in order to decide if an online game is active.

In ToS' case, let's remember the Steam version has 6 servers (...soon to be reduced to only 4, though): the name of active players will vary depending on the regional server and the time of the day you play in. I'm in Orsha, for instance, which I've always thought of quieter than other servers; while active players' number in Klaipeda keeps at about 20 or fewer during daytime, it's usually at 40-50 at evenings and nights, with a slight increase during weekends (note that number doesn't include merchant-like chars). And as I mentioned above, in mid-March the NA (Klaipeda and Orsha) and SEA (Telsiai and Varena) severs will be merged into a single server for each region; I thought this might discourage some in Orsha to keep from playing (since it basically means they're closing down our server and transferring us to Klaipeda), but I've seen no significant changes in the players' number. In fact, some friends are instead looking forward to the server merge because that'll mean more people to party/PvP/GvG because, as they half-jokingly put it, they were already bored of seeing the same faces in the game (never mind every player char in-game has the exact face model). MEANING, while the game doesn't boast numbers in the thousands of thousands, it does have a number of regular, active players.

Re: Is the server dead?

Posted: April 19th, 2018, 7:50 am
by sohaikia96
less ppl???
i stop 1 year ad.
now i come back to play its ok still got ppl playing.

Re: Is the server dead?

Posted: June 7th, 2018, 5:24 pm
by Cursewords
The game is way less dead than these forums.

Re: Is the server dead?

Posted: September 30th, 2018, 8:45 am
by SupBr
Savior's tree is not dead, he currently has an average of 2.100 players per day reaching 3,500 players at peak times.With a tendency to further increase the number of players, over time and with the new optimizations and content that developers are bringing with each update.

Let's go ahead and keep playing. :gawi: 8-)

more this amount of 2.100 and 3.500 players and only on Brazilian, American and European servers. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand and Taiwanese servers can have much more PLAYERS.

since TOS is much more popular in the Oriente than in the Ocidente. I guess