help me with my Monk build plz and thanks

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help me with my Monk build plz and thanks

Post by Nat244 » January 12th, 2018, 8:18 am

hey guys i just started playing this about a few weeks ago well actually i started playing 2 years ago but I only put about 20 hrs into the game hehe anyways I've been playing a lot, recently I've been working on a monk build and I need lots of help let me know if u cant see the link ... 2xm1nlayi/

I want this build to be good in mobbing and a little bit of pvp just for fun for stats whenever I have 7 points I put into 4 STR 1 CON 2 DEX

I went cleric into priest x3 then monk and for rank 8 ill think of something later on. right now I am level 160

I don't think I need points in aspersion, monstrance, resurrection I just feel like I don't use those because resurrection takes long to load up and ill be using monk skills not stuff like that and for monstrance it says it increases the DEX of my teammates not me umm do people really need this?

for Aspersion u gain a decent amount of DEF umm I don't know if I really need it though. Is Stone skin is it worth 20% decrease dmg or should I just put the points into Aspersion or take both?

The Sacrament skill I don't really understand it much. when I had a staff wep and auto attacking the mobs I did really great damage but I used that when I was leveling to become a monk but once I got a real wep like a sword or blunt wep and using monk skills, I feel like Sacrament skill doesn't really do anything.

I have 2 more of those skill reset things so ya let me know if the skills I put up in the link is good
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