Why I'm Not Going to the GM Meetup

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Why I'm Not Going to the GM Meetup

Post by PizzaNightmares » April 4th, 2017, 3:25 am

I will unfortunately not be attending. For one main reason in particular.

TL;DR The community will do nothing but be one giant, toxic mess. The community is one of the chief issues with the game.

People there aren't even going to talk about anything productive.
They'll whine and moan and froth at the mouth and offer no actual solutions to the problems they hate so much.
The GM will ignore them, as to not feed into the toxicity.

I can forgive devs more often than not.
But I will NOT tolerate a community that doesn't take any responsibility for themselves.
Spitting venom about the game anywhere that has a comment section, and forcing all the blame on IMC that "KEK NO PLAYERS DED GAEM."

Man, I wish I had the same mental deficiency they had. Never thinking I'm part of the problem? Must be nice to live in that spoiled, entitled little bubble.

Tree of Savior is dying because it DOESN'T ADVERTISE. It is wholly reliant on popping up in the Steam recommendations list, that is 100% of the problem. Anyone who thinks the game has shown no improvement either is too bitter to ever change their mind, or doesn't care enough to do their research. Choosing to instead fixate on the one problem that they want to see solved, and throwing a tantrum when new patches aren't catering to their wants.

Let me be clear. I am not saying the game is void of flaws. The way the economy and the tokens are handled needs to be revisited for sure. But if you can look at the state of the game when it went into open beta vs. now and actually tell me with a straight face that there is NO DIFFERENCE, you either (a) haven't played the game since August, or (b) aren't paying attention.

If/when I leave ToS, if someone were to ask me why I did, I can promise you that IMC will be pretty far down on the list of reasons.

:sry: Sorry for the rant. Have a lovely day.
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