Skill Point Allocation

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Skill Point Allocation

Post by AggronGoesChoo-Choo » June 22nd, 2016, 5:25 am

I'm very confused about some of these public builds...

It looks to me like some people are banking their circle 1 points to allocate in their circle 2 skills.

Is this actually possible in game? To save points for your circle 2 and circle 3 skills?

Please let me know if this is true or not.
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Re: Skill Point Allocation

Post by Aquaくろ » June 22nd, 2016, 9:27 am

Consider if you are a Cleric. That means that you are Rank 1 Cleric Circle 1. What if at Rank 7 you chose Cleric again? You would be Rank 7 Cleric Circle 2.
Note the similarity between the 2 classes. They are both Cleric, albeit at a different Rank and Circle.
You can, for example. not add any points during Rank 1 Cleric 1 and keep all 15 points, until you reach Rank 7 Cleric 2, and spent it all on Divine Might and Fade for example. That means at Rank 7 Level 1 you already have 16 skill points to use.
But it wont be that fun, because your last Rank is a when you party the icon shown will be Cleric instead of whichever other class you chose before at Rank 6.

If that hypothethical Cleric chose Priest at Rank 2, he will still have 15 skill points for his Rank1 Cleric, but only 1 points for Priest at level 1. He can spent that 15 points however he likes for his Cleric skills, and that 1 point however he likes to his Priest skill. If later on he chose Priest 2 and doesnt spend any points yet in Priest 1, he will have 16 skill points to use for his Priest skill, and 15 skill points for Cleric skill.

People commonly use this method to quickly level up skills when they Rank up, ie Dievderby usually save point so when they become Diev 2 they can instantly max Carve Owl, and later they save so when they Rank up again to Diev 3 they can max out Owl again, or whichever skill they want.
Other example is Quarrel Shooter, since they commonly save at least 4 points so when they turn QS 3 they can instantly max Running Shot.

The key to note here is the Class. As long as you rank up into the same Class, you can spent points to whichever skill you want in the same Class.
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