Psychokino teleport

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Psychokino teleport

Post by Ender » May 31st, 2016, 9:25 pm

Until now I believed that teleport makes your character jumping to a random spot, and the distances is increased by your points on the skill.

Somehow in a dungeon run, someone told me that I'm wrong, I mean, it jumps you to a certain distance which is random but it actually jumps in the same direction in which you are walking on.

Surprisingly she was right, if I configure my control settings to keyboard and move with the arrows, when teleport is used my character will jump in that direction, but when I'm using mouse it keeps me jumping on a random direction.

I must say that I've tried moving with W,A,S,D and clicking on the screen and seems to be random aswell, do I need to know something about that or is just bugged?

Thanks beforehand :gawi:
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