Need help deciding

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Need help deciding

Post by PermaBan » May 15th, 2016, 10:30 am

I Appologize if this is not the right place to post this but i need help.. I recently reached the limit of posts in steam so I can't post another for 24hrs :(
I need your help on the following... class builds and paths for my main... criteria for judging is.. the ability to solo and grind in early-late, popularity among parties and population of the class (preferably not as over populated as archers) klaipedia server...

1st class path
Reason: I like to gather mobs and kill them burtaly
current level:30

2nd class path
Reason: I like supporting whilst dealing damage and tanking, pardoner is for income purposes
current level:26

3rd class path
Reason: its OP and so far the highest level I reached though I don't like over popular classes I'm fine if to deal with it as of now..
current level:61

4th class path
Reason: I have the ? cuz I'm open for suggestions on the warrior tree if ever they have the better choice when it comes to the criteria stated above

I'm open to revisions on the class paths stated above in accordance to the reasons why I play the class :3
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