Is a party beneficial?

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Is a party beneficial?

Post by Silk » August 11th, 2015, 12:31 am

So I thought about this, is it actually beneficial to party aside from general socialness?

Smooth Silk, Social Gamer.

I wanna play with other people, I want to play with other people alot, I want to play with other people nearly exclusively. To me, the only good thing about not socializing while I play is that it makes the socializing that much more exciting.

Because of that it's important to me that party players have a benefit over non-partied ones, and that's not just for Clerics.

With this system where monsters outside of your level range have penalized exp, the function of a party in Ragnarok Online breaks. That function being that a low level party can take a significantly higher level area for clearly faster exp ratios. With that being impossible, is it still beneficial to party for all members?

With inexpensive potions you can play effectively at your level so long as you aren't a Cleric is my understanding. If you are killing 10 monsters per minute to gain 100 exp per mob, you're gaining 1000 exp per minute. Lets see what happens in a party.

If you party with someone killing 5 mobs per minute, but you split the exp down the middle so each mob is worth 50, together, you are killing 15 mobs per minute, but only gaining 750 exp. He is gaining more, you are gaining less, your exp averaged.

So, do people working together lower Time To Kill enough for a party to be beneficial? Is there bonus exp for parties? Or is it just better to solo? Now that I've said it all, I think this is a fitting topic for the official forum too, but I'll let it sit here for a day.
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Re: Is a party beneficial?

Post by Flash » August 11th, 2015, 12:41 am

I liked parties but I played a Cleric class :)

It really depends. You should make sure that you don't have more DPS in your party than you need to clear monsters in your area. I played with Swamp most of the time and we noticed that it was faster when we only we 2 were in a party in Tenet Chapel as we just had the perfect DPS to clear the rooms with our skills and the CDs just fitted. More players didn't help us to speed up but lowered our EXP. But we also had playes with more monster in which we were part of bigger parties to kill the whole area faster.
I heard that there is Bonus EXP when you are in a party but I didn't check it.
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Re: Is a party beneficial?

Post by Swamp » August 11th, 2015, 1:38 am

yea even in higher level areas ( level 80+ ) i felt like it was better to grind in smaller parties than in larger/full ones. But still, playing with more people is more fun imo.

I think there should be more ( if there even is any ) bonus exp for party play.
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Re: Is a party beneficial?

Post by Noctureon » August 11th, 2015, 1:53 am

Speaking as a Psychic Pyro Wizard in Beta, I have to say that it was essential for me to get parties. Yes, potions are cheap, but not efficient for long grinds. I soak up SP like a newly-bought sponge.

The total EXP over time is also significantly larger during times I played with a party since I can nuke a dozen or so mobs in solo play, but then have a downtime of about 30sec to a full minute waiting on cooldowns. During party play, I can use Enchant: Fire when the rest of my skills are cooling and still be able to make progress as I move to a secondary damage role while my partymates do the primary killing.
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Re: Is a party beneficial?

Post by Twhics » August 11th, 2015, 4:31 am

Well.. there's multiple things to consider really. How much currency are you saving from not needing to use hp pots? How much time feels like is passing by? More importantly though, how much more FUN is it for you?

I think to find out what is beneficial vs efficient needs to be taken into consideration based on what you personally find beneficial.

For me specifically, I look for efficiency. So for instance I would grind with 2-3 people in a party in a medium density area where as I would use 4-5 for a super high dense place. It really depends on what you are killing, party makeup and other factors.

For instance, if you have mainly magic damage people, maybe find a mob who is specifically weak to magic damage ect. ect. All of these factors play in to efficiency and over the course of a few hours could mean the difference between 1-3 levels.
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Re: Is a party beneficial?

Post by EffeTei » May 18th, 2016, 9:42 am

Party Members Bonus EXP
1 (Solo) 100%
2 120%
3 150%
4 180%
5 220%
6 250%
7 280%
8 300%
9 350%
10 (350 + (Level - 9) * 50)%
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