iCBT random information dump

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iCBT random information dump

Post by Courtis » August 5th, 2015, 3:16 pm

I will post, what I have found out and update this post regularly ovre the CBT.

Gems can be used to enhance your equipment. Each gem pre-defines what bonus it will give to which type of armor. NOTICE: Each gem will give a major increase to one stat and a minor decrease to another stat. Gems can be upgraded while in resting mode. Once you open the Gem Enhancement interface, you choose the gem you want to upgrade by right-clicking it. You notice, that Gems start with 0/300 EXP. Now you can add ingredients to level up the gem. Other (lvl 1) gems give 100 EXP and material monster drops give roughly between 5 and 20 EXP each. Ingredients used to upgrade a gem are destroyed.

Red Gem lvl 1 (300 EXP to lvl 2)
Weapon: +4 Max Damage / -1 Min Damage

Red Gem lvl 2 (900 EXP to lvl 3)

to be continued.
Deposits and withdrawal to and from the storage cost 20 silver per item.
You can buy an anvil for 300 silver. If you chose it from your inventory, chose an item you want to upgrade and the anvil will be placed on the floor and become attackable. Hit it until it gets destroyed and your item gets an upgrade, increasing its main stats. From a certain upgrade level, the process can fail. I don't know what happens then. The save limit is +3 for Armor and +5 for weapons (or vice versa?)
Archer class
You can NOT use skills while using Kneeling Shot
The damage of Multishot gets devided among the targets
Kneeling Shot has a large delay. Going into and cancelling the buff takes pretty long and therefore renders you quite immobile. This seems NOT to be an issue of lag or ping but rather an issue of the skills animation
If you find a recipe for an item it gets also consumed by crafting the respective outcome. You will still see the item and its materials in the crafting interface but you cannot craft it again, unless you find the recipe again.
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