Video Analysis: Boss Monsters #4

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Video Analysis: Boss Monsters #4

Post by Flash » March 4th, 2014, 5:44 am

I don't speak korean so there is a high chance that the names of the boss monsters are spelled incorrectly or mistranslated! If you want to help me translating those names simply contact me or start working in our wiki.

Boss 16
Name: 머슈카리아
Eng Name: Leah Murray syuka
Level: 200
HP: 4621

Boss 17
Name: 케파치프틴
Eng Name: Cepada Chieftain
Level: 200
HP: 9254

Boss 18
Name: 쓰론위버
Eng Name: Weaver Throne
Level: 100
HP: 2200

Boss 19
Name: 미르티스
Eng Name: Dunsmuirtooth
Level: 200
HP: 8527

Boss 20
Name: 사이클롭스
Eng Name: Cyclops
Level: 200
HP: 4400

Boss 21
Name: 우드스피릿
Eng Name: Wood Spirit
Level: 200
HP: 6200
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