Video Analysis: Boss Monsters #2

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Video Analysis: Boss Monsters #2

Post by Flash » March 2nd, 2014, 6:05 am

I don't speak korean so there is a high chance that the names of the boss monsters are spelled incorrectly or mistranslated! If you want to help me translating those names simply contact me or start working in our wiki.

Boss 6
Name: 베브라스피온
Eng Name: Brass Champion Baby
Level: 100
HP: 9700

Boss 7
Name: 스파르나스
Eng Name: Spa Le Naas
Level: 150
HP: 8409

Boss 8
Name: 마인로더
Eng Name: Mine Loader
Level: 100
HP: 2200

Boss 9
Name: 살티스터
Eng Name: Sturgeon Saltillo
Level: 150
HP: 9987

Boss 10
Name: 요나롤렘
Eng Name: Jonah Palolem
Level: 250
HP: 11042
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