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Re: Economy

Posted: November 12th, 2014, 4:05 am
by Kunae
Nyxiology wrote:
Rosenakahara wrote:
Kunae wrote:It is totally up to the players ... economy and prices ... you know supply and demand works just fine as long as nobody tries to fuck with it
But people WILL, why do you think wow has such inflation? people jack up the price to line thier own pockets, in turn raising the standard price.
WoW's biggest issue is that they refuse to hire anti-bot staff or take the issue seriously. Worse yet they have never understood that sinks are only as good as the influx of gold that you allow to be introduced.

Lowering repair costs, removing reforging, dungeon finder tool removing travel time and flight points, and the advent of flying mounts were some of the biggest mistakes they've made because those are the constant means by which gold was removed.

Meanwhile gold is still introduced in super massive quantity through easier, shorter, faster dungeons which even have a gold reward for completing. Quests give more gold than people seem to realize, and they still haven't figured out that giving gold for gear at vendors is an awful idea. Some grey weapons are worth a significant amount of gold even, much less higher quality.

WoW economy is a perfect example of how developers can be at fault for pricing. RO is honestly even worse in terms of gold influx vs sinks.
I totally agree =D

Re: Economy

Posted: November 12th, 2014, 11:23 am
by Zalera
there's no bot hunter team at all in wow? :oops:

Re: Economy

Posted: March 28th, 2016, 5:36 am
by SnakeX21
Rosenakahara wrote:A good mix of player and NPC based would be a good economy, for example in PSO2 the player shop is almost non existent and it is very easy to earn money so said money becomes worthless in the longrun leading to massive player shop price differences (there is a jump of 12k to 100k in some item prices), in FFXIV the money isn't really used for anything worthwhile but the economy is almost 100% player based making it very unstable and causing inflation when items like materia are needed for something like a novus, hell there is a gap of about 200k to people with over 40+mil.

To have a good economy crafting NEEDS to be important in the game but at the same time you need to be able to make money via trading or dungeons with a reasonable amount of profit, too many games fall into the pitfall of making a ton of items untradeable or making crafting basically worthless except fluff (looking at you FFXIV >.>)
I know exactly how you feel on this. I've been playing FF14 over the last year and a half now, and its like, the most money Ive ever had on hand at a single time was 12 million. Making money is that game was just a pain, honestly. And it didn't help I guess that apparently the server I was on, the economy was rated as one of the worst ones xD

But I agree, hopefully there is a decent enough balance that while crafting and gathering will be obviously important and worthwhile, players can still make decent income off of dungeons, trading, if they are more into combat rather than crafting/gathering.

Re: Economy

Posted: March 28th, 2016, 5:42 am
by SnakeX21
Zalera wrote:there's no bot hunter team at all in wow? :oops:
FF14 isn't much better about it. While every few months they do a "bot-purge", I guess you could call it, you honestly cannot tell a difference. What makes it ever worse is the game has bots known as Gil-Spammers; basically a bot that will send you a Tell (private chat between you and other player) to go to this website to spend real money for in-game money. And if you go to one of the three main city states, basically every 10 seconds you have one trying to spam you. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Hopefully the devs of this game learned from some of the economic mistakes of not only RO, but other MMOs out there (coughWOWandFFXIVcough) and can give us some kind of decent balance for it all. As well, be on the up and at'em against bots lol