Do Hackapells exist already? Speculation on skills.

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Do Hackapells exist already? Speculation on skills.

Post by faeo_mavklas » August 15th, 2015, 8:59 pm

I was looking at the database and found Hackapell skills already being put in the game. So are the hackapells out already but people can't find them? Here's the link. ... rch=search

So here are my speculations on the skills and concept of the class. Apparently there are two mounted skills and two melee skills for the first circle, hopefully they get more than 1 circle if possible 3 circles!!! I love bow/sword style class. :awsm:

Cavalry Charge
1. It's a bit obvious but I bet it's similar to the Stead Charge of the Cataphracts but instead of just a plain tackle they might have their saber or offhand weapons to deal the attack? For instance, upon the charge activation you would charge forward and you can control the destination of the charge while having your saber out. Wherever you go the saber will attack the target in your line of travel for a short duration. Kind of like the Dark Rider's guns skills where they shoot back wards or something?

Horse Tackle
1. I think this skills will be a mounted skill as well but instead of charging at the mob/player the player tackles a target and creates a status effect. Kind of like the Hunter's Coursing skill, paralyze or stun inducing attacks?

2. If worse comes to worse it's probably a normal tackle with the horse... :no1:

Saber Bash
1. A bit obvious by the sound of the name BUT I have an imagination! I'll say that it's an attack with a saber(obviously) that gives the shock or some stunning effect.

Sabre Thrust
1. Yay, another obvious one. Maybe it's a charge but similar to the impaler skills of the Cataphract? Would be kind of funny..I guess I don't have an imagination after all.. :omg:

SO what are your thoughts folks? Think the class is out but the IMC wants to troll us? What about the skills and the class role? Any theories?
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Re: Do Hackapells exist already? Speculation on skills.

Post by Flash » August 16th, 2015, 2:14 pm

No, it's not available yet which is probably the reason it still has no descriptions and dummy icons. But afaik they started developing this class some time ago so some of their skills are already listed in the client.
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