Character Customization

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Character Customization

Post by Noctureon » July 28th, 2015, 12:35 am

You guys think there are going to be more hair options?

I'd be really happy to pick hair and eye color. That seems to be a really basic feature from the very first MMOs.
Currently you can only pick from the various hairstyles without further customization.

What other options do you guys think would be added in the future? And what is in your customization wish list :?:

I personally wish there'd be an option to dye parts of your clothes to differentiate you from the rest of the world. I'd gladly pay for dyes in the cash shop if they make it available, and that's saying something coming from a completely F2P player like myself.
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Re: Character Customization

Post by Flash » July 28th, 2015, 1:08 am

Hair colors will probably be available for real money (maybe also as reward for quests but that's only speculation). But different hair color will come maybe aready in the next beta :)
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