GM Leslie's surprise FAQ! 4th

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GM Leslie's surprise FAQ! 4th

Post by Bluegale » January 15th, 2015, 11:10 am

Hi, guys.
This is Bluegale here once again and here is another FAQ session posted by GM Leslie just before the announcement of the lucky 1st CBT testers. (BTW I'm not selected as a tester... so yeah.)

So here it goes!


Greetings. This is GM Leslie here.
At 5 PM in this afternoon (Jan 14th 2015 KST), the list of 1st CBT testers will be announced.
I would like to explain via this time's FAQ how and under which criteria we chose the testers for the 1st CBT, the number of applications and the contents that will be revealed during the CBT.

ImageI am curious about the total number of application you got for the 1st CBT. How many rivals can I expect?
ImageThe total number of applications for the 1st CBT is little over than ninety thousands (90,000).
Now for the selection criteria that many of you are wondering as of now, we have undergone primary sampling process that categorized the applications by various parameters such as age, gender, etc. based on population statistics study so that the testers are evenly distributed over the wide range of criteria. After this, we have gone through each divided group to hand pick the most prospective and preferable tester candidates for our 1st CBT, taking significant note on the aspiration free-answer part and we have also picked candidates that barely managed to satisfy the minimum system requirements to test the optimization of the game. Of course, just like we have announced before, some of the candidates who have not checked and uploaded their system specification are also selected as testers.

Also, I would like to say something to the people who have applied but did not get chosen as tester.
We apologize that we have selected such a small number of testers for this time's 1st CBT.
It was quite difficult to choose the testers since so many of you have applied, far much exceeding our expectations, and while we have felt deeply in our heart how much you care about Tree of Savior but as we cannot invite everyone for test at this moment, we feel sorry for this.

We at IMC Games are all moved by your support and interest, and we would like to do our best to repay the debt.
Every single one of you who did not get the chance to be selected is precious to us just like the ones selected as testers, and we hope you understand how we really feel on this matter.

(The subject reads: Ms. GM, please remember the ones who would not get selected as testers.
The context reads: I'm writing this cuz I don't think I'm gonna get it.

[Once again we express our sincere gratitude to those for applying for the 1st CBT.]

ImageWhat would you like to validate during the 1st CBT?
ImageWhat we would like to figure out is "the direction of the future development."
To quickly summarize the main contents that will be revealed during the CBT:

Circle rank up system up to Rank 4
Total of twenty-eight (28) classes
Field combat and companion functionality

As you can see on the CBT specifications, our goal for this CBT is to validate the main core contents of class leveling, rank up system, and all the other experience and fun factor during the process via your feedback, and to polish the structure of character growth.
After polishing the main contents of growth and class, then we plan to add more contents of guild system, PvP and so on.
For those who got selected as testers, we would be grateful if you could provide us feedback on difficulty level on character growth, balance and fun factor.

Variety of classes in Tree of Savior

ImageI'm curious how to check if I'm selected or not.
ImageYou can check it out by clicking '당첨 확인 (Selection Check)' after 5 PM on Jan 14th on the event webpage.
And please download the test client in advance.

* Selection check []
* Client download []

ImageWhat are the testers supposed to do during the upcoming four (4) days?
ImageYou are expected to download the Tree of Savior Client and create your team then play through the game.
Since the game is not in the perfect state, you might experience various bugs or crashes. Other than that you could play in creative ways that we have not thought of. The tester forum is divided into three (3) categories of General / Proposal / and Bug so upload your thoughts and data accordingly. Two hundred (200) random testers who upload bug information and proposals will be chosen and given ten thousand Nexon cash. (about 10 USD) If there are sensitive matters to publicly upload, or if you have problem uploading on the forum, please send your inputs via 1:1 inquiry box.

ImageWould the team name and characters be carried on after the CBT?
ImageNo, I'm sorry but they won't be carried after the CBT. All of the characters created and items acquired will be reset.
ImageWhat are your plans after the 1st CBT?
ImageOne of the most frequently asked questions, the schedule after the 1st CBT will be decided after it's ended. We will let you know once the future schedule is confirmed.

ImageI'm curious that you had said you would read every single one of the aspirations all the candidates wrote. Have you really read them all?
There will be more than thousands of people applying.. would they read them all literally? I think they would just run some sort of program and be done with.
Everyone would say so.

People say that it was like applying for a job or something.

ImageWe seriously didn't expect so many people would apply for this CBT which only will have three thousand (3,000) testers participating. Many have waited for the postings on the dev blog, and we all know that it is not easy to visit the official webpage every single day. After seeing how whole-heartedly the aspirations are written, we decided to read every single one of them. While reading them, we have found out that there was certain pattern, and an interesting result came out. I would like to share the result with you all.

Leslie's Survey Sneak Peek!

Since there are some people who did not complete the survey or some places blank, please note that the total number would be different to the actual number.

1. The most anticipated class?

(From top, Swordman, Archer, Wizard, Cleric, Others (Write your own), Total)

The most anticipated class chosen by the tester candidates is 'Wizard.' Image
But as you can see, all of the four basic classes did not differ so much in preference.
After checking the Others section, 'All (all classes)' was the most frequently chosen one. Other than that, we had every single one of high-rank classes revealed so far.

Necromancer, Rogue (Thief, etc.), Monk, Alchemist, Hoplite, Druid, Dievdirbys and etc.

Other answers include, Gunner, Summoner, Novice, Magic-swordsman, Assassin, some unimaginable classes, whatever, pretty ones, GM, hidden class, class that hits your heart, miner, Moe, unemployed and others.

2. Primary route to obtain news on games.
(From top, Online/internet advertisement, game media websites, recommendations from friends or acquaintances, community websites (blogs, cafe=forums, etc.), both online/internet ad and game media websites, and total)

The primary route the candidates for 1st CBT is via 'online/internet advertisement.'

3. The most anticipated contents?
(From top, various class change system, graphics/BGM, basic combat/hitting sense, coop/party play, extensive storyline, life-style contents such as crafting, enhancement, etc., and total)
The most anticipated contents factor turned out to be 'various class change system,' and it looks like the vast number of classes in Tree of Savior must have attracted many users.

4. If you define Tree of Savior in one word, what would it be?

Total number of keywords: 67,829

The number of candidates who wrote down one-word answer to define 'Tree of Savior' was total of 67,829, and we receive a lot of hilarious answers.
We have summarized the answers including the ones with the longer sentence shortened with a keyword, and the list is as follows:

Memory, charming, nostalgic, anticipated, cute, brand-new, fairy tale, emotion, diversity, the last thing in my life, good-old RPG, classic, adventure, I WANNA PLAY, PLEASE, waiting, Nexon, dream, fantasy, a new world, honey-sweet fun, yearning, throbbing, revolution, genuine, hope, the return of the king, legend, love, last, dream-like, THIS IS IT, masterpiece, resurrection, savior, review the old and learn the new, honey butter potato chips, dim, first love, heart pounding, friend, destiny, renaissance, 2.5D, pure, rainbow, right on my taste, time machine, MINE, *heavy breathing, pixel-style, healing, moe, girlfriend, LET ME IN, terminator, heart, delicate

ImageDo you see the word that you wrote?
Some of the keywords in English are as follows,
ART, cool, excellent, fairy tail, innovation, best, love, class, memory, 3D MMORPG, GOTY and etc.

5. Aspiration

(Total Number)
(Totally normal job interview
Could you tell us the reason why you applied to our company?

Our survey is being used for a mockery meme on various webzines T.T

This is the part where the candidates wrote most extensively on the survey, so we couldn't just skip them through.

ImageWe have omitted 468 blank answers and 930 special character answers.
First of all, here is the list of the most submitted words.

(From top, game, communication, industry, operation, bug, analysis, experience, QA, programmer, BJ, meticulous, thoroughly, assessment, blog, http, development, problems)

Some candidate wrote down the URLs for their own blogs, or wrote down specifically how they would submit bug reports. And several groups of answers look similar to each other,
First and foremost, the first-place racers!
(The list is about getting the first place, i.e., 1st place, I got the 1st place, the 1st place is mine and so on.)

There will be lots of female players in Tree of Savior, but.......
(The list is about female users' answers, stating 'I wanna play with my boyfriend' and such and such.

Other notable answers are as follows.
(Please note that the following answers are not at all related with the result of the selection for the 1st CBT. If you see the answers of yours and you are not selected as a tester, kindly understand this matter.)

1. 'If you do not choose me'

GMs, just as much you cherish ToS, I shall ardently make it shine!
I myself want to play ToS, so you are going to pick me. If you don't, I shall bestow my curse upon you.
The writer is confirmed to be a tester for the 1st CBT. I will identify bugs as best as I can.
I've been only playing games for 15 years. Who can evaluate this game other than myself?
I'm applying for the CBT while having a fever of 38.5 degree Celsius.
Fifteen years of playing games, now I have become a programmer. I will find bugs in the perspective of programmers and agonize the developers.
I have quitted my job to play games. I have crossed the river and cannot go back.

2. Incorrect usage of Google or Bing translation

Tester, I play love because I am ToS's design. For I win enormous happiness.
Hello. We of Japan Game company, I am this test qualified this chance want to have.
This test participating opportunity hoping together will try hard let's go the problem identifying to resolve you choose.

3. Whole heartedly written in one's native tongue

風?我期望的一樣 之前遊?到最後都是單刷我已經?掉,我來玩是想要讓更多人知道團隊的意義
「空白」に敗北はない。 さあ、ゲムを始めよう。
1. Play the game. 2. Try to help if there is anything that is needed to be fixed. 3. Enjoy with my friends.
I am Brazilian and I care very RPGs, always been a big fan.....
I am spanish and i am administrator for spanish fan page.....

4. Word of wisdom, and catch-phrases

Do your best. Man proposes, God disposes.
Oldies are goodies.
Behold the game with your two eyes, and listen to the sound of Nexon with your two ears.
Gamer with strong leadership and crisis control ability.
I am going to see my old friend.
Power to open the possibility and challenge.

5. Bringing confusion about the identity of ToS team.

I really love 2D games!
This is exactly what I have waited because I hate 3D MMORPG!
So much waited 2nd CBT! Will do my best! Ooh-rah!

6. Confession

How can I explain this feeling? There is a lonely tree standing right there, and the music coming out of it, I felt this unexplainble delight.
I came to know Director Kim when I was in early 20s, I was with Director Kim in the middle of my 20s, and I plan to meet Director Kim once again in my mid 30s.
Greetings, I am current developer, designer, QA, UI designer, novelist, PC Bang (PC room=internet cafe) owner, marketing designer, programmer, animator, college student, high school girl, housewife and Dave the foreigner.

7. Congratulations!

I passed the civil service exam just a while ago and am waiting for the appointment. Since I have some free time I am applying for the CBT.
I was just applying because I couldn't fall asleep and if I get the chance I wanna try and play hard. Oh wow! I'm falling asleep while writing this... The veil is coming down.. Thank you for making me sleep...

8. Unexpected reason

My older cousin bro told me to apply.
I have been experiencing slump recently when my friend came over with excited face chanting 'Tree of Savior! Tree of Savior!' And I've checked the information on the game then I shouted 'I shall play ToS tonight!' Thank you very much.
My name just happened to be Kim, Hak-gyu as well.
동해 물과 백두산이 마르고 닳도록 하느님이 보우하사 우리나라 만세 (South Korean national anthem)

9. Manly aspirations

I will become a bright and cheering QA who can dance through the dungeons with all sorts of bugs!
I am a man like a lion. A courageous and active unemployed man.
25 years old. Male. Unemployed. Lives alone. No girlfiend.
I will stop playing the game right at the moment I find a bug. Senppai Daisuki! (Japanese for I love you, senppai (*school senior))
I shall dig in Tree of Savior with with the experience of 28 year old game addict.
Writing my aspiration while listening to hip-hop, it feels like I don't give a sxxt of the underground.
I can devote all of my free time to this. How much if you ask, I'm even considering to dump my girlfriend to play this game.

10. Long letters

After waiting for extended amount time, I have finally met the world I imagined. I dearly hope and wish the Tree of Savior can bring the move and joy.
My husband told me that there is this game he's been waiting for an year. The name happened to be 'Tree of Savior.'
The most important factor on MMORPG in opinion is "balance." Some classes might be alienated due to its usefulness in party combat or there could be so-called spec-difference due to item level differences.
Just like all the assorted vegetables make a delightful bowl of salad, I would like to become a delicious salad sauce so that Tree of Savior could become a game with various contents mixed and mingled well together.
I will do my best to identify more bugs rather than trying to exploit those for my own good.
Just like the word "collective intelligence," if a lot of users identify various problems then it will help the future users in a great deal.

ImageI've shown only a handful of the answers, and do you agree with them as well?
I myself often became serious by insightful answers, smiled on reading them, and had time to think about how I would bring better operation of the game to the users.
The ones written in foreign tongue I cannot read with my eyes but with my heart, thank you so much.

Lastly, It has been two (2) months since imcGames and Nexon agreed to provide <Tree of Savior> service together to the public.

Generally there are other parts that need more polishing in the game, but we had decided to hold the 1st CBT before this winter passes because we wanted to showcase the game to the users who had been waiting for the game for a long time. Even if there will be many parts that need improvement, we promise that all the recommendations and proposals users send to us will be considered and applied to make better game, starting with this CBT.

I guess the best gift that we can present to you is providing a game packed with fun. We will do our best to meet your expectations.

Then, I hope you have good news on the selection result on 5 PM tonight.
And even if you did not get selected as a tester this time, we express our sincere gratitude once again.

Thank you very much for waiting us so far, and we promise to improve <Tree of Savior> with your testings and feedback.
Thank you for you support until now, and in the future.

Best Regards.
tsum tsum*
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Re: GM Leslie's surprise FAQ! 4th

Post by Vrenna » January 15th, 2015, 2:08 pm

Oh well, that was hilarious. :heh:
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Re: GM Leslie's surprise FAQ! 4th

Post by Flash » January 15th, 2015, 5:11 pm

Thanks for the translation :)

It's nice to read those selected answers and see what most of the TOS Fans are interested in.
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Re: GM Leslie's surprise FAQ! 4th

Post by magnificentchaos » January 16th, 2015, 2:23 am

Oh that was an entertaining read! Thank you for translating it for us!! It feels like they have such a fun loving staff that seems to genuinely care about its fans. I think this means good things in store for the future of the game...

Now to wait for international CBT/OBT or whatever they can give us.... :heh: (feeling desperate here lol)

Did somebody say "Cookies"?
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