4Gamer Interview (Translated)

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4Gamer Interview (Translated)

Post by Flash » November 24th, 2014, 10:27 pm

TheDirtyDeal posted a translation of the japanese interview by 4Gamer on reddit.
4Gamer: Greetings from Japan. First off, what kind of roles do you two have in regard to Tree of Savior?

Kim Hakkyu: Initially I was overseeing the technical side of things, but lately I've mainly been giving advice. Basically, I'm leaving the roles of producer and director to him (Kim Seyon).

4Gamer: Why is it that you wanted to make this game?

Kim Seyon: Lately there have been so many games that even if you look at the screen, you can't tell which one it is, so we wanted to make a game that, just by looking at the screen, you recognize it and say, “Oh, it's that game.” High end games have increased, and even though the graphics have gotten pretty, I felt like many of the actual game's contents have no great differences.

4Gamer: I see.

Kim Seyon: The game was made with the game itself being classical, and the server, etc. more high end, and it has become this game. Actually, in this game, almost all player progress is recorded in a database you know.

4Gamer: In other words, it's a possibility that player actions could bring a variety of meanings, right? However, regarding the gameplay being classical, how is the action part?

Kim Seyon: It has a little element of action, but that's not really a big thing. Despite not being an action-centered game, in order to preserve some degree of tension we have incorporated a feeling of action.

4Gamer: In Japan, there are many that are treating this game as a new generation of Ragnarok Online, so from the perspective of someone involved in making Ragnarok Online, what do you think?

Kim Hakkyu: If there are people who have always played Ragnarok Online, since there is probably not much more that can be done (with that game), I think I would like for those people to play this game.

Kim Seyon: Personally, I think it's closer to a game previously made, called Arcturus, than Ragnarok Online. The fact that characters could jump, the key based movement system, using items that actually look like they could be in a museum, and the appearance of the world, are closer.

Kim Hakkyu: There weren't many players for Arcturus, so not many people may know of it, but it is certainly similar to Arcturus in terms of the story and stuff like that.

4Gamer: So what's going on with the story in this game? Can you tell about the background?

Kim Hakkyu: So that you could recognize the monsters or maps when you see them, there are an unusually large amount of plants. We have painted an adventure where the goddesses have vanished, and the world has been covered in vegetation.

4Gamer: So that is connected with the title, Tree of Savior, huh?

Kim Seyon: Yes. In the game there is an extremely big tree, and it's the story of going to search out that secret.

4Gamer: Regarding the business about the goddesses disappearing, isn't the winged person in the video a goddess?

Kim Seyon: That is the Goddess of Destiny. In the game, she is a being that makes a prediction, and gives the player a trial. It's something that has origins in Lithuanian Mythology, and there are various goddesses that appear throughout the game.

4Gamer: So it's the case that one of the goddesses vanished, right? Well then, could you once again explain to us the features of this game?

Kim Seyon: Tree of Savior has 3 features. To begin with, there's the fact that it has an appearance unlike other games, the fact that there are many options and a lot of enjoyable elements, and the fact that there's a high degree of freedom for the player to do just about anything. It's difficult to explain it simply, but we wanted to create the standard for MMORPGs. We also made it so that various people could play various roles. The fact that there are 80 classes is also because we wanted to make various roles.

4Gamer: Speaking of the 80 classes, I think that's a big feature of the game, so do you have an overarching classification for them? How are they sorted?

Kim Seyon: In regards to the classes, there are four basic categories, Knight (Swordman), Wizard, Archer, and Healer (Cleric). Each has 20 classes, making 80 in total.

4Gamer: I see. Among them, do you think there are any classes that likely don't exist in other games?

Kim Seyon: I think there are a lot that really have never been heard of. For example, the Pied Piper. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, this is a class that plays the flute and manipulates monsters.

4Gamers: Pied Pipers also showed up in the video, huh? It was impressive how she played the flute and leading along a lot of monsters.

Kim Seyon: This class only plays the flute, and can't really do anything like attacking.

4Gamers: By the way, which of the four previously mentioned basic categories does this class fall under? Is it the healer (cleric) category?

Kim Seyon: It's actually the archer category. They can use the flute to manipulate monster's movements, and not only that, they can manipulate things like whether they will attack monsters.

4Gamers: Is there anything else?

Kim Seyon: How about Corsairs? This character is a pirate leader, and when this class forms a party, everyone in the party becomes a pirate.

4Gamers: That's interesting. How about the others?

Kim Seyon: Hmm, you're right. For example, the Paladin is a battle healer. You use a skill, and a round light is created, so that enemies cannot come inside, and you can attack from inside, which is extremely useful. Also, Linker is a class that can link enemies together. It is possible that when monsters are linked together, when one of them is attacked, all of them receive damage. Also, when allies are linked, it becomes possible for HP or buffs to be shared. Other than that, the Shinobi can attack using art of the doppleganger, and Thaumaturgies can change one part of the body.

4Gamer: In what way can they change the body?

Kim Seyon: For example, when their hand becomes bigger, their attack increases, or when their head becomes bigger, their intelligence increases. Since they can make enemies smaller and weaker, they are extremely useful for hunting.

4Gamer: So they're a class that makes things bigger and smaller? Can they also make the enemies bigger?

Kim Seyon: Yes. When they continually increase the size of the monster it will end up exploding in the end.

4Gamer: I see. So it seems you can make the monster bigger, and have a Pied Piper manipulate it too, right? Can you also make boss monsters smaller?

Kim Seyon: Currently, you can make bosses smaller, but after this we plan to put in some kind of restriction.

4Gamer: If there is any other peculiar class, please tell us.

Kim Seyon: The Murmillo is a class that's supposed to be something like a merman/mermaid, and when you put on the fish head your stats increase. The Murmillo is a short range fighter, but they can jump in from a distance and attack as well. That part is also risky though. The Centurion is a class that can manipulate party members. They get in a formation and can perform movements or attacks. There are various formations, and when you double-click on the numbered squares, you can change party member's locations in the formation.

4Gamer: While they are being manipulated, can the other players not do anything?

Kim Seyon: If the player is being manipulated, they can break out of the formation and attack independently. Currently we are in the process of making it so that it can be possible to return to the formation currently being used. As for others, other than manipulating plants, the Druid can change into monsters. The class called Dievdirbys is actually currently a job that exists in Lithuania, and they carve statues out of wood. In the game, they can create a statue of the goddess and warp, so if there's a time that you don't have money on hand, this class can make a warp statue. Oracle is a class that is able to make predictions. They know beforehand where enemy attacks will land, and will also display what items those monsters will drop upon defeat. If you're not interested in a particular monster, you can also change it to another monster. Other than that, there's also a class that can have something like an out of body experience. (lol) The developer's blog has a lot published, so please reference that.

4Gamer: There really are a lot of classes, huh?

Kim Seyon: The way in which the classes attack isn't the only difference, since it was our desire to have many different roles, we hope that you'll be looking forward to it. We introduced the Corsair earlier by saying that everyone in the party would become pirates if the Corsair was the leader, but it will also be possible to have roles that involve things like burying treasure, using pirate flags, and stuff like that.

4Gamer: That sounds like fun.

Kim Seyon: Also, with boss fights, no one will say, “If you don't have this particular set-up, you can't beat the boss.” You'll be able to win with many different combinations of classes.

4Gamer: Still, how were all these classes thought up? Did everyone get together to think up ideas or something?

Kim Seyon: Basically I thought of them by myself. I'm always thinking of how I can make the game more interesting.

4Gamer: Isn't it difficult to balance?

Kim Seyon: Regarding the question of balance, as an example, there are times where 10 classes have the same roles, but in this game, the roles are different in the first place, so in general I don't that a discussion about balance would be practical.

Kim Hakkyu: If all of them had the same attacks, everyone would likely choose the strongest class, but since there really are so many roles, I don't think the issue of balance will come up.

4Gamer: I see.

Kim Hakkyu: There are various classes, and currently we're figuring out how to group those classes to go about resolving the various situations that arise. We're hoping that there will be a super-play that will be beyond the expectations of the developers. I'm really looking forward to what kinds of the plays the users can come up with.

4Gamer: Will the game mainly take place in the world map, or will it be instance based?

Kim Hakkyu: Generally, almost all of it will take place in the world map. In regards to quest bosses, those will be handled via instance, but field bosses will be in areas accessible to everyone, so it's possible there will be large battles.

4Gamer: Could you tell us about some game features outside of combat?

Kim Seyon: At the CBT stage, combat will be specialized and implemented. We're thinking of a number of things, but we want to start by having the basics ready, and then plan to add in more.

4Gamer: Got it. At the moment, what would you say is the percentage of completion.

Kim Hakkyu: The things that needed to be done for the CBT have already been completed, so after that is to see the reaction and make adjustments.

4Gamer: From here on will you be increasing the number of classes?

Kim Hakkyu: For the time being, rather than increasing the number of classes, I think I'd like to be able to focus more on showing off the already existing 80 classes' varied roles.

4Gamer: By the way, it's been announced that Nexon Korea will be in charge of this game's service inside Korea, but what about Japan's service?

Kim Hakkyu: It's not been decided just yet, but there's a high possibility that, like Korea, it'll be Nexon.

4Gamer: I see. Then lastly, do you have any comments for the readers who are anticipating this game?

Kim Seyon: To the Japanese people who have big expectations, to those people, we expect to make a game that you can really enjoy.

Kim Hakkyu: I think it's an honor that so many people are in anticipation. We are working hard so the Japanese fans will enjoy it.

4Gamer: Japan thanks you.
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Re: 4Gamer Interview (Translated)

Post by Sefrion » November 25th, 2014, 6:07 am

:lv: :lv: Now need a interview for the west
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Re: 4Gamer Interview (Translated)

Post by Gardosen » November 25th, 2014, 12:30 pm

i just tested Arcturus yesterday evening,

this is so unbelievable :D its Ragnarok Offline 1.0 xD
The Mapengine, the Sprite System, its amazing funny to see after playing 12Years Ragnarok.
Also it shows that some of the rumors people spread about Gavity are not true.
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