Upcoming CBT might require NEXON account

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Upcoming CBT might require NEXON account

Post by Flash » November 21st, 2014, 6:31 pm

Brasil Tree of Savior had the chance to meet imcGAMES and Kim Hakkyu for an interview. Most answers didn't reveal anything new however they made some statements about the upcoming CBT.
Approximately how long do we have to wait until Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing?
Closed Beta Testing should probably start in Korea this winter. (Winter starts in December in Korea)

Will the Closed Beta open to everyone or is there IP block for some countries?
This has not been decided yet.

Will Closed Beta require CBT keys or will it be open to everyone?
You will need a NEXON account. Whoever has it should be able to participate in the Closed Beta Testing.
Source: Original Interview, English Version

It seems that the upcoming CBT might only be available for koreans. However it has not been officially confirmed by imcGAMES and might have been some misinformation of the interviewed imcGAMES employee. Nonetheless we should be prepared for a CBT that will only be available for koreans.
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Re: Upcoming CBT might require NEXON account

Post by Rosenakahara » November 22nd, 2014, 12:14 am

Wait till the japanese version is out so we can hack into it, most likely the only way we will get to play it before 2016.
Because dont expect a korean company to share anything with the west any-time soon.
Or you can buy an account for like 10 bucks online.
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