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OBT Preview

Posted: December 8th, 2015, 4:42 pm
by Flash
imcGames posted an Korean OBT Preview post on their english Dev Blog.
Greetings, this is Se Yong Kim from “Tree of Savior (TOS)” Dev team.

We have completed the open beta version of the TOS build (OBT version) and currently are testing it on our test server. If no significant problem is found, it is more than likely that we will use this version.

The following contains the brief descriptions regarding the changes the OBT version would have.

1. Players can now choose the starting point.
In CBT version, players started their journey on Klaipeda after getting the divine revelations from the goddesses. In OBT version, however, players can start their journeys from the new city “Orsha.”

The Orsha route will largely be the same as the Klaipeda route. Both will have Rank 4 advancement, the storage service and etc. However, the Orsha route will provide players with new areas to explore and new quests to complete. The players from both Klaipeda and Orsha will join paths in “Femidian.”
▲ When creating a character, one can choose the starting city. This choice does alter the early quests and progression.
2. The level cap will be raised to Lvl. 280.
In CBT3, players could only reach the lvl. 200 and progress up to Petrified City. The new version will allow players to reach lvl. 280 and new areas will be unlocked.
New areas mean new boss monsters and new soundtracks, not to mention new collection for each area.
▲ The current highest accessible area
3. Each area has its own rank.
In the previous version, the fields and dungeons only had names. In the OBT version, ranks will appear with their names. (E.g. Field ★★, Dungeon ★★★)

As the rank goes up, so do the overall difficulty and the penalty. The rewards will suit the challenges, so don’t worry. Some monsters in the high-ranking fields might be capable of pre-emptive strikes like those of the dungeon monsters. So, you need to stay alert.
▲ Field ★★★, the monsters will attack first.
4. Rank 7 Class will be added.
Now your characters can advance to the rank 7 along with two other circles for Rank 6.
Let me introduce our new classes in the following.
Image Image
▲ Dragoon
Dragoons are elite spear-wielding soldiers. They will gain more bonuses if they use two-handed spears instead of one-handed ones.
Image Image
▲ Templar
Templars are the commander class that can form and manage guilds.
Only the Templar classes can be the guild masters and choose the path a guild could take.
For more info on the Guild system, please read the subsection below.
Image Image
▲ Warlock
Warlocks use the power of evil spirits. They can summon or control evil spirits by defeating the enemies.
Image Image
▲ Featherfoot
Featherfoots are the wizards that absorb the life force of the enemies or put curses on the enemies to make combat easier for your allies.
Image Image
▲ Cannoneer
Cannoneers are the archer-type class. The cannon they use do have some shortcomings such as leaving windows of vulnerability before and after firing a shot and cannons might be troublesome to use from time to time. However, you can trust its firepower and the range of area it can cover.
Cannons, just like the pistols, fall into sub-weapon category and can be equipped along with crossbow items.
Image Image
▲ Musketeer
Musketeers are the gunner class that uses a rifle. They cannot wield it along with a bow but the musket has high attack speed and effective close-quarter combat skills.
Image Image
▲ Plague Doctor
Plague Doctors are the cleric-type class that high expertise in curing abnormalities of the allies or incinerate that of the enemies.

The bird-like beak mask they wear has been treated with special chemicals that protect them against major abnormalities.
Image Image
▲ Kabbalist
Kabbalists are the clerics that practice the ancient magic known as Kabbalah. They either support their allies with infinite power or analyze the enemies’ names to aid them in combat.

5. Guild System will be added.
The aforementioned Templars can form and manage guilds.
▲ First, go see Knight Commander Uska and pay handsomely to create a guild.
Then, invite friends to your guild.
Initially, a guild can accommodate up to 20 people. The max capacity can be increased as the attribute level increases.
If you have joined a guild, a Guild tab will be added to your Chat UI.

All the discussions both minor and major can be done on this tab without using a mic.
Guild masters can raise a guild tower on a field of their choosing.
The tower can perform even more functions depending on the guild tower skills the Templar in charge has.
Guild members can use the tower to warp, use the guild storage or enter the private area.
High-level guild towers can function as a hangout spot. The spot consists of an inside area and a farming garden.

In this hangout spot,
You can plant crops and harvest them,
Or raise unique companions.
The crop materials and companions can be obtained from various guild events.
A guild master can choose in which guild events to participate. The events will consist of boss raid events, raid missions for guilds, GvG events.
Guilds can grow their guild towers by feeding them talt items obtained from those events. As guild level increases, points will be accumulated and you can use those points to grow your guild.

There are many ways a guild can grow. A guild can specialize in agriculture or in combat.
Guilds can declare war with each other. Warring guilds can destroy each other’s guild tower or PVP the enemy members on fields.

There aren’t many things that can be obtained by winning this war so it would be good for everyone to get along well each other.

6. Magic Amulets will be added.
The magic amulets that have been distributed for testing purposes in the CBT version will be made available from the lvl. 220.
When a magic amulet is attached to one’s shield or weapon, it will grant special stats.
The charm attached on the shield is a magic amulet. It can also be attached to weapon.

7. OBT Schedule
So far, we have not advertised our game except for one case of an interview. We would like to thank all the users who showed love and enthusiasm for our game despite that.

The open beta test is scheduled to be on December 17th, 2015, 3PM. The pre-download will be made available on December 15th, two days prior to the test. The pre-download version will allow players to gain access to the tutorial area.

More details on the schedule will be made known through future announcements.

Thank you.

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: December 10th, 2015, 3:34 pm
by SimonBaku
Amazing.! look really great, just one thing i dont's unfair only a class can create a guild.! that must be something everyone should do

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: December 13th, 2015, 5:46 pm
by lucas.monsores
OBT only for KR server? :| :sob:

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: December 14th, 2015, 4:55 am
by faeo_mavklas
Wow! I logged in to check up on ToS and we get new classes. So awesome.

1. Dragoon, badass. Just like the ones from FFXIV. I can totally see this class jumping around to kill enemies haha
2. Templar, a little bit puffy BUT design wise A LOT better than the fencer. They hold rapiers but I wonder if their skills will be more like the fencers or more like the others? Also the privilege of dealing with guild matters, that's cool but kind of unequal. I wonder if there will be some system where you'll have to PAY the random players who are templars to deal with some guild issues if you don't have one in your team.
3. Warlocks sounds cool but the uniform is not eye-catching.
4. Musketeers anothers cool LOOKING class. But why must they use rifles "only"? Would've liked being able to use a rapier and a pistol....

So many classes..even though I don't follow up on it as much....I'm still conflicted when I think about the classes. Dragoon looks really cool-especially with the helmet but templar is also good in it's own rights. Musketeers......with the darkriders uniform and their uniform that's a cool path to take but I don't like guns. So much choices....nothing on hackapells yet?

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: December 14th, 2015, 8:51 am
by Borsalino
Just wondering if people from North America can play in the KR server?

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: December 26th, 2015, 2:35 pm
by sidnelson
what can we get from farming the crops? status bonus? and what the difference of the mounts is it stronger? thx

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: January 2nd, 2016, 2:10 pm
by FlowerDEER
Hi, I'm korean user of TOS!
This Preview has wrong information.
That is, The Guild creation cost!
It changed 10,000,000 Silver to 15,000,000 Silver.

Re: OBT Preview

Posted: January 7th, 2016, 2:43 pm
Thats one shiny warlock i see there lol.
Ill go for this class as i am more on summoning magus class...even though the costume isn't really what i hoped for...