English Q&A #8 Fan Translation

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English Q&A #8 Fan Translation

Post by Flash » July 18th, 2014, 2:54 pm

Because it seems like the official translator is still on vacation I'm posting a fan translation instead. The translation was done by syoo905254 and posted on reddit.
Q) Can you jump on to buildings and roofs?
A) You can jump onto a lot of things, including roofs and buildings, etc.

Q) Can close ranged classes dodge monster attacks?
A)All classes can dodge attacks if they stack agility.

Q) Are there other summoner classes other than necromancer?
A) There are a few other classes that summon, I think one was sorcerer... However, all their summoning mechanics are a bit different.

Q) Is there a skill tree?
A) Most skills can be learnt without any other conditions, but there are some skills that have prerequisites. There are also skills that are learnt through special conditions like when you retake your class in job advancement.

Q) Can you go back to previous class after you advance?
A) You keep all your previous class skills and can wear previous class costumes, even when you advance.

Q) Are there restrictions in advancing through maps? For example, you need a minimum level to enter this map.
A) The game is made to be free as possible, with exception to very special maps. However, it would be very hard for the player if they went to a high level zone.

Q) We love wizards and we want a gif of it!
A) are you talking about this lol

Now we will talk about a few more classes.

cataphract is a class that is specialized in breaking through hordes of monsters or obstacles

They have good reach and speed and is especially powerful on a mount. it is a rare warrior classes that allows you to attack while on a mount.

chronomancers can control time to their advantage

They can increase your movement speed, or decrease enemy movement speed. They can also stop the enemies movement entirely and they can even turn back the time of their surrounding to a split second in the past!

Quarrel shooters are specialized in crossbows

If you get to the point where you wield the crossbow with one had, you can even equip a shield to compensate for archers' normal lack of defense. Also, you can get a skill that allows you to momentarily block ranged attacks so you can become aggressive.

Bokor use voodoo magic

you can attack monsters that you designate with an icon from faraway or raise dead monsters from the dead to fight for you. Zombies can turn other monsters into zombies if they attack them(?), and also because they are slow and can not be controlled in a group there are skills like summons Lwa and releasing Veve to help but the zombies under your control.

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