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Summon Familliar Sorcerer?

Posted: June 14th, 2017, 2:04 pm
by sqvirel
Hello there
I'm still a fairly new player (2 weeks of gameplay so far) and while I love my archer/ranger>shwarz, I'd like to explore other builds, and I'm interested in wizard tree.So I'd like to ask: would a Sorc build focused on bats be reliable?

Here's my build: (copied from someone else, just tweaked it around a bit) ... kze5sk1q0/
I picked Enchant Fire 5/5 for 100% uptime, but here ends my knowledge on skills XD

Could you give me some input on this?
1) What armor? I think plate would be best, but cloth for more sp/INT sounds nice.
2) What gems? All blue?
3) Weapon? Staff for increases Aoe/MAtk or Rod+Shield/dagger?
4) Stats? Full INT? I don't mind glass cannon builds, and summons are only for decoy purposes... I guess even at minimum SPR Templeshooter's gonna be a big help. Or is there other card that's better at tanking?
5) Should I max PP or Telekinesis? I'm leaning more toward PP cuz it's Aoe...
6) Is Raise worth getting? I'd rather put those points toward either Tele or PP.