Wizard PvE Armory & Weapons

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Wizard PvE Armory & Weapons

Post by insyN » March 2nd, 2017, 1:20 pm

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me what the current "OP OP" or "MUST-HAVE-NAO" gear is for Wizards?
I know early levels as in 1 - 120Lvl is not that big of a deal.

My info:
Currently Wizard C3 > Elementist C2 (eventually C3 and going Warlock C2)
Build: Full INT
Known issues with current build: Need more HP and SP drains so fast when spamming skills. So I know that I need gear with HP (which Roxona plate on 170 is giving) but do I need all 4 parts or do I just pick some Roxona parts and rest is something else? Please guide us!

What I know is the following:

Early up to Lvl 120:

- Weapon: Any type of Rod (Fire Rod for example)
- Secondary: Arde Dagger as secondary (Lvl 75) is a MUST-HAVE-NAO OP OP
- Armory: doesn't matter

From 120 till 170:

- Weapon: Some say Gyanos rod for grinding till 165-170 in Demon Prison? When reached 170, what weapon do you use?
- Secondary: ??? Should you keep Arde dagger or replace with some kind of shield?
- Armory: Roxona Plate if you have HP problems (which I do have as Full INT build)

From 170 till 220:

- Weapon: ???
- Secondary: ???
- Armory: ???

Any help for me and for future Wizards with the same issues not knowing what gear or weapon they should go with is really appriciated! :ok:
[EU] Fedimian
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