Help with build and questions

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Help with build and questions

Post by Rumors » February 17th, 2017, 2:18 am

Came up with this experimental build and would like some feedback ... drfvrxygf/
Also does anyone know if micro dimension duplicates pole of agony?
Also is it worth it to put some points in ice wall? I was thinking the frost tree would keep enemies in place well enough and wall seems like it would take alot of time to set up to trap opponent correctly

Thanks in advance
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Re: Help with build and questions

Post by casetruth » February 17th, 2017, 11:21 pm

lets see here.. Control>Control>control (no icewalls) so no damage there (the crymancers)

Sorcerer 1 only? summon control (and their skills) are in rank 2, you only dip 1 in sorcerer for the cat buff

Thaumaturge (Damage buff, farmming? swell is better for farming than shrink here)

you take warlock 1 them jump to sage, not much synergy with your previous skills, warlock gets good at rank 2

Would suggest you to go Cryo3>Sorcerer2>Warlock2 instead
Or maybe Cryo3>Linker1>Thauma1>Warlock2 if you want some farming but pyro is better for that

Micro does not dupe pole of agony for it is not a "deployable" nor it is a "summon" it will dup the kamikase bats from sorc howeber
Also hitting the ice walls wiht melee is a good source of damage but psycho and linker combo with ice walls better

Whats you goal class? wich is your favorite?
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