SW 1, Pelt 1, HL 3, Doppel 3?

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SW 1, Pelt 1, HL 3, Doppel 3?

Post by Malregard » December 15th, 2017, 2:34 am

Hey all, newbie here trying a couple of ideas, and I was looking for any opinions/feedback on a potential build I came up with.

So now first thing, I understand Doppel is all about the brutal, fast DPS at the expense of some hardiness (most notably through Deeds of Valor). I like the idea of killing the enemy before they can inflict enough damage/CC to exploit your squishiness, but I also like the idea of a little added survivability even at the expense of some of that sweet damage.

So, what about SW 1, Pelt 1, HL 3 and Doppel 3, with a heavy stat investment into Str and Con?

The primary trade here would be Guardian for Deeds of Valor (and Gung Ho for Concentrate in the SW line). Also, with limited Dex investment, the Critical score would drop significantly enough that I would opt for a full plate set as opposed to leather or something more Crit friendly. I know the loss of DoV's DPS is pretty extreme, but are the max'd out damage attacks of Doppel/HL enough to remain viable as a secondary DPS melee? Would the +25% defense bonus from Guardian, combined with Plate armor and 130+ Con be enough to withstand some face to face punishment?

The other benefit Pelt 1 seems to offer is the addition of Swash Buckling, which might aid in pulling mobs and reducing run-around-the-map time.

One could even consider going Pelt 2 at R9 for additional Guardian, SB, and even High Guard to act as an off-tank in dungeons or situations which require the melee to take that role. Of course, you could also grab Barb 1 or even Shinobi instead to regain some of that lost DPS if thats more inline with your playstyle.

Just a thought. I'm sure I've missed some holes or issues with the template, so thats why I'm offering it up for scrutiny.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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