Swordsman class tree

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Swordsman class tree

Post by shivakanou » October 19th, 2016, 3:30 pm

I've been looking forward to create a PvE Swordsman and thus researching about it's classes, attributes and so on, but the more I read the more confused I get.

A couple of months ago I created a Swordsman and designed a Shinobi build, but then I created my Archer which is going to become a Rogue and decided to remake my Swordsman into a more "brutal" (tanky) class. I also read some bad things about Shinobi and this made me change my mind about it.

Although I've been playing for some time, I don't have much time to study the game, so I still have a lot of questions and little knowledge about everything. What I mean by that is, I have no idea what's the real practical difference between Dragoon, Murmillo and Lancer. I've read about them, but Lancer didn't make a good impression and Murmillo seems too defensive/tanky for me and I would like something that would give me a fun PvE.

What are my goals with this character? Do just walk around having fun with the character, not something hardcore nor PvP oriented. I saw a Cataphract bot (reported btw) playing on Tenet Church the other day, just walking around and killing mobs with little amount of effort and became interested in a character like this.

For what I read, Dragoon seems like the most fitting class for what I want but they all seem to follow a certain pattern and I would like to understand why.

So, questions:
  • 1) What's the practical difference between Swordsman Rank 7 and Rank 8 classes?

    2) A lot of builds, not only Dragoon oriented ones, go Swordsman C2 -> Hoplite C1 -> Cataphract C2/C3 -> Dragoon C1/C2, making it look like the other classes are not useful. Why is that?

    3) People sometimes recommend Peltasta C1 for partying purpose. Is it only due to Swash Buckling?

    4) Why most Dragoon builds only go C1? Is it C2 that worthless?

    5) For PvE purposes, which Swordsman class would be most recommended?

    6) I read a discussion about Pierce vs.Stabbing and in the end I understood nothing. Which one should I focus on?
Appreciate any help.

Thank you very much!
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Re: Swordsman class tree

Post by Servain » October 19th, 2016, 4:29 pm

You have to consider the synergy between classes a lot. You got skills on each class that require a specific weapon to use it, and if you look at dragoon for example who is a spear user you want classes that can use their skills together with a spear. Some skills doesn't have a restriction and usually on a circle 1 class like lets say doppelsoeldner at rank 6. A lot of dragoon builds take doppel for whirlwind skill for example cause of its excellent aoe. And also hoplite for Finestra and spear stabbing skill. So a popular build is Sw->pelt->hop3->doppel->dragoon. But when you see alot of people take the cataphract build its most likely dragoon who synergies well with that class and not the other way around. But its most likely a way to fill out rank 7 and then go for Lancer at rank 8. I'm not personally that experienced in this game yet since i haven't really reached higher then 200 in lvls on my chars. I've been playing since august and i'm still in my experiment state of the game. But what i do is that i find the one class i want to play and then work around that one to try strengthen that one class as much as i can with other classes. If i miss something fundamental like aoe, single target burst, defensive maneuvers, crowd control I try to get it out from the other classes available.

Im sure you will get more answers from others, but figured ill pitch in with something ;)

Good luck!
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