I want to hit a lot of things at once.

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I want to hit a lot of things at once.

Post by Oasella » September 5th, 2016, 10:13 am

Heya. I'm new to the game (just got the third revelation, 60ish), first character is a two-hander swordsman. At some point in the future I'll probably make a sword-and-board character so that I can do endgame content, but for now I'm just having fun watching monsters explode.

My goal at this point is to make the highest number of monsters explode at a time.

When I hit Highlander C2, I got a lot of new skills to play with, which were all pretty cool (Crosscut, Skyliner, Flailing Wildly In French). I'm liking the damage they do, but there's a big problem that's dampening my enjoyment of the game - the AoEs just aren't large enough. (The cooldowns also kinda suck)

I'm also pretty sure Skyliner flat-out lies about it's radius, because it says 6, same as Crosscut, but it affects a smaller area.

So far, I like Bash and Carter Stroke (I LOVE Carter Stroke) - things that let me hit the ground and everything in front of me just blows up. It's great. But I'm afraid to invest in Bash because I'm afraid of it falling off, and I'd really like a more spammable alternative to Carter Stroke. Wagon Wheel would be nice if it had more than one shot before it went on CD, but it does have the kind of area I want.

So I have a few questions with this thread:

How does AoE Attack Ratio from equipment work? Is it only for auto-attacks, or also for abilities? I've been holding onto my Carpenter Gloves even though they're leather, and I have a Primaluce ready for when I hit 75 - will these accomplish what I think they will, or is there some caveat that I'm unaware of?

Where should I go class-wise to get the kinds of skills that I want? Most of the builds I see go into Doppelsoeldner, which I hear has high damage - but does it have the AoE I want? What skills specifically am I looking for?

Conversely, if I go Swordy 3 and get Bash 15, does it become a viable choice over other skills? (It doesn't need to be better - it just needs to not fail. I did see there was a Radius+ upgrade for it at C2)

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Re: I want to hit a lot of things at once.

Post by Suzushii » September 5th, 2016, 1:40 pm

Oh boy...

At first Reroll. It's not joke, just strat again. After hit SW1>HL1 go Barbarian 3. You need buff yourself if you wanna kill a lot of stuff. About bash, never more than lvl3, because you need knockback attribute, this isn't do damage.

Options are two.

Bash 3 / Hung Ho 5 / Concentrate 5 / Pain Barrier 2

Or just Skip bash and max Pain Barrier. Here is your first two buff to do damage. Max attribute are obvious.

Another is Highlander
At first Attribute for crit when using Two Handed sword.
Actually only this you need.

Next is Barbarian. Here is a lot of buff like Cleave, Warcry, and good synergy skill triggering stuns.
More damage from Slash damage? Here your Cleave debuff and stuns!

And you go to Doppel. Actually i am Fencer so don't expect help from me. Not now, maybe later when I back and have more time. There is Highlander C3 version but not recomended.

AoE ratio mean how mamy targets your skill hit. When you have 10 that mean you hit 10 normal targets, medium and large need more hit so you then hit max 5 with same AoE ratio. Skills of course have some bonus ratio, mostly Doppel.
So you wanna be Fencer or Murmillo? Let me guide you a little.
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Re: I want to hit a lot of things at once.

Post by Nolza » November 27th, 2016, 5:42 pm

You don't have to reroll, you can continue to HL3, Barb1 and then go to Doppels, those can hit many things very hard.
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