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Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 28th, 2016, 11:02 pm
by Hejtero
Im pretty new to the Tree of Savior and i would prefer to create a good character that gonna be strong at end game. Im not rly into PvP so i will focus on PVE.

I have one Swordman Following the patch of Sword1 Paltesta 1 Barb 3 Doppler 2 (currently at Barb 1) i found a build on this site into public build section.

Im still a low lvl so i could change my build if there is sth stronger to aim for.

If its possible i would like a build that would be good of solo farm and also a build that gonna be usefull in party (probably paltesta for Provoke??)

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 12:48 am
by Suzushii
At first, what role you aim? DD? AoE? Tank?
If 1st or 2nd options, Doppel are fine, remeber fact that rank 8 give C3 for this class and actually is hope for strong buff this one. Allways you can try mix Hoplite/Dragoon, or even Cataphract/Dragoon.
It all depends on your preferences. I personally hate mounts and two-handed weapons bored me after Warcraft so I play fencer class. There is a good, well-suited to solo but meta it will never be in PvE.
Dragoon works well with doppel from what I saw, but remember that you will then have to use a spear. Doppel on C2 for it also requires two-handed swords, so you have to decide as soon as possible what style of play will be more comfortable for you. And, of course, that outfit more you like it!

The proposed path:
Swordsman C2 > Highlander C3 > Doppelsoeldner C2
Swordsman C1 > Highlander C1 > Barbarian C3 >Doppelsoeldner C2
Swordsman C2 > Hoplite C3 > Doppelsoeldner C1 > Dragoon C1

Remeber, meta means no fun. And you're here to have fun.

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 1:17 am
by Akatuoro
For info about endgame content look at this: ... F-ycA/edit#

The build you chose is about the best for endgame because of Peltastas Swash Buckling (AoE taunt) and because Doppel does very good dps.
Please note that it's pretty important which stats and skills you actually choose.

Most importantly, find something you think is fun

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 1:56 pm
by Hejtero
So the Swordman Paltesta Barb C3 Doppler C2 would be a nice option? I like Cyclone skill, reminds me of Whirlwind from Diablo 2 :p

Going Barbar Doppler means im gonna use Two Handed Sword + Shield and 1 Handed for Paltesta skills.

Could someone maybe tell me what weapos i should aim for at lvls 75 120 170 ? it will be a while until i lvl higher so it would be very helpfull

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 2:07 pm
by Suzushii
The issue of weapons - That you can afford.
My fencer was previously Barbarian C3, great class who got buff mainly Cleave. And two skills that have a stun effect and Frenzy good skill especially when waiting while skills are on cooldown.
Another thing - compare with Highlander, from what I have seen many people take him C3 mainly to develop the skills of C2 but even on the C1 is useful for Doppelsoeldner. Reason? Two-handed Sword Mastery: Critical Attack

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 2:29 pm
by Hejtero
So it would be better to go Sword Paltesta Highlander C3 Doppler C2 then Sword Paltesta Barb C3 Doppler C2 ?

I need a nice build for PVE usefull at grinding and at end game (Earth Tower?)

Then should i focus on two handed swords and buy cheaper shield + 1hand sword or should i get medium twohanded and medium shield + 1hand?

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 2:55 pm
by Suzushii
Paltesta are not welcome here, not if you aim to be DD. Or you gonna be full tank or Damage Dealer. Never both, especially when we are talking about 2H- weapons. Yes Peltast can use a shield. But for you is useless. Remember that you want to inflict damage.
Currently, I reflect on something in the Earth Tower will be useful as a swordsman. Everywhere the only option is a full-CON tank who... stand.
This is not cool.

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 3:23 pm
by Hejtero
yeah but every grinding party and so on search for Taunt and so, i heard that it isn't easy to find a group if you isn't at least 1 paltesta for the Provoke

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 3:37 pm
by Suzushii
That is true. If you aim to maximum DD, then it is useless. For the sake of provocation is a weak deal. Unless your spec assumes leather armor and DEX to some extent. Then Peltasta increase your survival rate but only by a little. Yes, whenever you can just take the disc and become the boss battle, abandoning the entire damage I could inflict, thereby losing all the fun. Despise this to such an extent that long since I've done weapon swap, although I have a shield in inventory. I just prefer to have fun instead of being Tryhard. But if you really wanna by Peltasta, then read more about Highlander and changes after patch. Because without Highlander... Barbarian look weak.

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 3:54 pm
by Hejtero
So i should chose if im gonna be DD then go Sword Highlander Barb C3 Doopler C2 or is there a better build for Doppler?

If i want Paltesta then i should chose another build?

Going for 1 Paltesta isntead of Highlander is too big of a loss?

Was using this guide as reference ... o39uorwoy/

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 4:43 pm
by Suzushii
This build requires the mass of amendments.
Guardian - 1/5 is enough, you only need Attribute more points here mean less damage.
Frenzy AND Warcry - Waste of SP, at first you need time to stack frenzy stacks because only auto-atack can do this. Warcry have many issues like range of effect. It is quite the reverse, just pick one.
Cleave - actually got buff so better 15/15
Pouncing - Just no...

Yes, barbarian class can stun. Yes, its good to off some enemies even for 2 seconds. Yes synergy here are nice.
Highlander also have bleed and better Attributes for two-handed swordsman. Bleed mean additional damage. Additional damage mean higher damage deal. So your primary goal.

Of course this build have aternative way. You can try this if you want. Just dont put Guardian more than 1/5.

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 5:00 pm
by Hejtero
then swordsman paltesta highlander c3 dopperl c2 gonna be better then barb?

is then ok to go paltesta c1? or you would recommend completly different build for swordsman in endgame, it doesn't even need to be doppel.

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 5:37 pm
by Suzushii
Can we go back to the beginning? What exactly you want to do in the endgame? Earth Tower? Then the only thing you will be a bag of meat. No one else did tank other than the shield-holder. I trying but unsuccessfully. Damage Dealer is fine, especially that he has to get C3 promising well. The problem is that the Doppel has problems with survival. You have many options. However, if you want to have the role only on Earth Tower you see it you have to do CON meat bag. Yes, only CON... nothing else, what mean NO DAMAGE. Just screw it, do what you like and what you want.

Human Blender
Swordsman C1 > Peltasta C1 > Highlander C3 > Doppelsoeldner C2 (Taunt ver.)
Swordsman C1 > Highlander C1 > Barbarian C3 >Doppelsoeldner C2 (Pure DD ver.)

Cú Chulainn
Swordsman C1 > Peltasta C1 > Hoplite C3 > Doppelsoeldner C1 > Dragoon C1 (Taunt ver.)
Swordsman C2 > Hoplite C3 > Doppelsoeldner C1 > Dragoon C1 (Pure DD ver.)

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: July 29th, 2016, 9:41 pm
by Akatuoro
Haven't experienced earth tower myself yet, so all my knowledge is from videos, mainly korean ones.

The point in earth tower is, you can't simply divide it into tank - healer - dps. CC is pretty important. There are parties that don't use a tank.
So the point of taking the AoE taunt isn't to tank, but to get the mobs together. (without it you will need to run around and hit everyone to aggro them) Or to let them run after you if you need to stall. That's why it's no bad idea to take Peltasta C1 in a DPS build. Ofc you don't need to take Peltasta if you don't want to and can go pure dps with the Suzushis build.

To get Highlander and Peltasta into the mix, you can do the following:

Swordsman C1 -> Peltasta C1 -> Highlander C1 -> Barbarian C1 -> Barbarian C2 -> Doppelsöldner C1 -> Doppelsöldner C2

You want to have Barbarian because of the CC. But you don't nessecarily need to take C3, so you can take Barb C2 for damage&cc, Highlander C1 for the Crit Attack attribute and Peltasta for the AoE taunt.
Here's how the build would look like: ... ucmajl1fx/

Haven't tested it, but since main dps is coming from Doppelsöldner, taking Highlander for attribute and Barbarian for CC and Frenzy should be the best for lategame. Also AoE taunt for pulling.
Pure dps forsakes this utility.

Re: Best PvE Endgame Build?

Posted: August 12th, 2016, 6:36 pm
by dewadewa220193
Nice going on in this forum, by the way my build so far, and the best from my opinion (because so viable in many condition of monsters and I've been testing it) is Sw 1 > High 2 > Barb 2 > Doppel 2 > Going Dop 3 in r 8. Bleeding effect from Higland is insanely good, also crit attack +50% combine with crit attack weapon is synergic well, even main stats isn't dex, alot spend it in str and con the crit is good, normal attack in lv 90ish without buff from priest normal attack 900-1k, crit 2.7k -3kish. Still I believe theres class that better in term of DPS, and I would like to learn also