Feedbacks Please? :(

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Feedbacks Please? :(

Post by jumbobubbles » June 15th, 2016, 9:32 pm

Hi guys so I'm pretty new to this game and at first I wanted to go for True DPS for my character so I followed someone's skill build (Swordsman C1 - Highlander C1 - Barb C3 - Doppel C2)
At first it seemed fine but as it goes I feel like I might need Pelt.. somewhere
I'm on level 93 and this is what I have for now ... 80dkjnt3a/

Can you guys give me any feedbacks on my build?
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Re: Feedbacks Please? :(

Post by noobienator59650 » June 16th, 2016, 1:12 pm

I will just say this, do what you like and don't be ordered by elitists jerks fixated on level 280 content when level 500 is announced.
As long as you play with your guild and friends you don't have to bother about childish people.
I know about his guide and wanted to go highlander c3 + swordman c3 but the buffs ktos and 0 cd skyliner may never come around.

Crown is for pvp purpose or 1 point to buff highlander c3 damage.
1 point in helm chopper should be enough so you can take frenzy + warcry, read the attributes, if your warcry can reach a lot of ennemies + frenzy stacks you will deal a VERY LOT more damage if you continue as barbarian circle 3, but monsters don't have enough hp before you stack, boss only.
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