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DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 10th, 2016, 10:15 pm
by tmactim150
Hello guys,

I want to be a tank , and also can do some damage.
here is my test build ... 9tm9ijdum/

Get Peltasta at rank3 to tank and start Barbarian to learn some DPS skills.

And actually im not sure which job is the best choice of Rank7.
Can you give me some advise?

And the stats will be 1str / 1con / 1dex or 3str / 2con / 3dex
which one would be better to my build?

Is it possible and work ??
have anyone try it before?
Thank you. :gg:

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 10th, 2016, 10:40 pm
by Lalakoboldslayer
This should be close what you're thinking: ... oxfmjvv14/

Without Rodelero, you'll not be able to dodge magic, but you should be able to tank physical mobs very well.
If you want I can explain how this build works.

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 11th, 2016, 3:47 am
by Icystare ... ipx8804ih/

This is another variation that focuses on both block and evasions for physical attacks. Magical damage is still an issue but with cloth armor plus some mastery points, you'll be able to mitigate a portion of the damage.

Most of your damage will come from Warcry, Frenzy, and Attaque Coquille into Sept Etoiles.
If you ever need a boost of survivability, you can use Lunge, Esquive Toucher, Flaconnade, Guardian, and manual blocking to boost your tanking abilities.

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 11th, 2016, 8:47 am
by kallensama
Barbarian falls of late game that is what I assure you and the damage is lackluster. You cant have it all but I suggest a wizard 3- elementalist 3- warlock with animus pure con build. It goes 40k hp late game and can rip apart every monsters and bosses late game.

Swordsman with peltasta is good with tanking physical absolutely. Rodelero only provides temporary magic resistance for 10 seconds. It is impossible to have a swordsman dps in this meta since it can easily be outdamaged by full int or full con wizards and archers.

If you insist on a tank swordsman though peltasta 1 is enough for physical attacks and rodelero needs 2 circles to get slithering which grants you 10 sec invulnerability to magic so swordsman- peltasta - ???? - roderlero 1 - rodelero 2--- ????? -----??????

I therefore conclude a full con wizard 3- elementalist 3- warlock will do its job better. Dps and tank wise

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 11th, 2016, 8:26 pm
by tmactim150
Thank you all of your answers :heh:

To sum up all the ideas, it seems Peltasta is not necessary to get to circle 2??
and take Rodelero circle 2 will be better?

here is the new version: ... 7f2ifo9za/
is it ok? or may be upgrade Rodelero to circle3 ??

And actually i dont like Fencing so i would not choose Fencer lol :hmm:

Thanks again :heh:

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 12th, 2016, 5:40 am
by kallensama
Pretty much swordsman is only needed in parties because of swash buckling. They discriminate non peltasta swordsman and kick them. Barbarian deals so puny damage late game that its so funny. Doppel and shinobi is still nice endgame though but if you are looking for damage per second then swordsman is not for you. Wizards and archers does it better.

Tank wise swordsman is good. Other than that their only function of swordsman in this meta is to create guilds, swash buckling, and jolly roger.

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 14th, 2016, 12:10 am
by noobienator59650
When you play in mmo, it's always better to stick with guilds, friends, and long time buddies.
The biggest cancer is metagame, lazy people who wait top players with fastest clean possible before incoming nerfs, it means if you play with random people, they will hate you, insult you, kick you more than 9/10.
So, for people who care about long term aka rank 8 9 10, it's not important to copy paste the "best" builds for earth tower because new contents can make @aoe build totally useless in some later dungeons to come.
When it comes to damage, swordman sub class have almost no scaling skills at all, when you play wizzard, archer, you can find skill 400% stat +1400 damage for example...

Doppelsoeldner has lot of multihits but 4 skills are slash damage @-50% damage on plate and ghosts.
Fencer is a special case because we have yet to see what rank 8 will bring. At least fencers have 100% uptime ignore piercing resistances, so with attaque composee build and sept etoiles (without barbarian and never autoattacks), they don't care about armor type whether they need to switch strike, slash, piercing with that special example earlier.

In boss fight since 7 years+ melee have to avoid special attacks with long cd and make up the downtime with high burst.
In tree of savior, you get controlled sometimes 5 10seconds from full life to death, and boss enjoy attacking A LOT @360 butchering merciless non tank melee...not only we are totally falling behind when it comes to damage, but sp cost of our skills can empty your blue bar in few combo, we lack decent multi hits, almost no scaling damage, and overheats are nowhere to be found with doppelsoeldner and fencer (ranks 6).

Re: DPS Tank?? Is it possible?

Posted: June 16th, 2016, 1:26 pm
by noobienator59650
While I wandered on official forum I found this, he's a tank dps, the question should be what about non leather types/ boss and rank 8 new fencer skills better with strenght or dexterity builds.
We also have to remember Korean version and international versions have so much differences than we cannot compare or reproduce.