Need advice for my build idea

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Need advice for my build idea

Post by mochammad.ridwan » June 7th, 2016, 8:09 am

Ok b4 that, i want to say sry if my english is bad.

well go to the true topic. i see there is many public build in tosbase.
i now have Highlander c2.
and im interesting with this build, but when i try to speak it with my friend he say this is a bad build coz
there is a lot useless skill for two of them (Highlander and Hoplite class) and there is a comment in this post who said this is wrong mix class. ... cfssvh7dy/

so im here need some advice for this build. are this build is good or not or need to replace the wrong skill.
hope you all can help me.
or you all can fix that useless skill to be usefull or give me some other build for highlander c2.

ty very much for who reply this post.
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Re: Need advice for my build idea

Post by Aquaくろ » June 7th, 2016, 1:14 pm

Hmm...the build seems to be KToS based.

Honestly, the build is what he likes and thinks is good to play. Cant really say the same about every other player. Maybe he just enjoys playing Highlander i suppose. Also, do note that it is a very old build, not a recent one.

I assume you plan to make a Dragoon.
I recommend rerolling into Swordman > Peltasta > Hoplite 1 (finestra buff) or Hoplite 2/3 > Cataphract 1/2/3 > Dragoon.

If you plan to keep your build, maybe either go all in Highlander or Cataphract 3. I dont remember if Highlander skills work mounted though.
Or Cata 2 Dopel.

In any case you are just a Rank 3 character, it wont take long to reach that Rank again after a reroll.
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