Please advise my Fencer build

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Please advise my Fencer build

Post by AK17 » May 21st, 2016, 1:10 am

I want some advice for my build.
I have not played it but I want to choose one of them or may be edit with your advise.

I build 2 style fencer

First : ... h8gstnqor/
This build focus on Survive more than DPS and mainly use active skill (stun, knocked down, hook) for battle.
Status : STR > DEX > CON

Second, I want to up some skill that I like it(Double Weapon Assault). ... fy429g66p/
This build mainly use basic attack(Double Weapon Assault) and combo with some buff for damage.
Status : DEX > STR > Con

I want to ask some question
1. Can my "First" build possible to use for PvP?
2. Can my "Second" build possible to be DPS role for Boss Slayer?

PS. Please give me some advice for improve my build
PS2. Sorry for my English ><

Thank you. ^^
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Re: Please advise my Fencer build

Post by arzh.mael » May 21st, 2016, 10:46 am

Hello! :)

Direct answers to your questions:
1) Since you have Corsair C1 for Iron Hook, I think your build is viable for PvP. Now I think if you want to "focus on Survive more than DPS" you should get more circles in Pelta/Rodelero than Barbarian.
2) Boss hunting is all about BURST damages, so I believe you will be more efficiency using a Skill based build rather than an Auto-Attack based build.

About your builds, I have seen a huge misstake about stats.
Keep in mind, DEX is best used while skill spamming abilities (your first build) when STR is better with Auto-Attack build (your second build).
Because you need an high "base damages" to get max benefit from critical hits, and with skills your damages = your p.atk+skill damages.
On the other hand, when you use Auto attack your damages = your p.atk.
I invite you to check this post to have more info about STR vs DEX in term of damages output.

Added hints:
• You should pick Bash lv3 in your second build for the CC.
• You can't use Dust Devil with Shield so I don't know if it will fit well in your "Survival" build.
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Re: Please advise my Fencer build

Post by AK17 » May 21st, 2016, 5:35 pm

@arzh.mael Thank you for your comment.

It seem my build have a lot of mistake. T_T
for 2) answer it look like my second build is useless. (555+) Could you please suggest some fencer build that include "Double Weapon Assault" skill.
for "Survival" build I will fix it from your comment.
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