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New Player trying to build Fencer tank

Posted: May 15th, 2016, 2:46 am
by Kylus
I've been researching classes I'd like to play in swordsmen and since I've heard if you want to roll swordsman you might as well tank i decided to build a Fencer one. The problem I'm having is what ranks to take certain classes as I level, example being should i rank Pelt up to 2 and 3 just for the increase in swashbuckling or is 5 enough and should I go a rank in Highlander or Barb for some damage dealing potential while i tank?

Also is going into Rod2 for Slithering a good idea to have an answer to magic damage (read somewhere it gives you defense against it but not seeing it in skill simulator)? I guess the biggest predicament I'm finding myself in is where do I draw the line on my defensive power in order to gain some more offensive power for the build

Edit: Also wanted to add I saw a build earlier today which was Sword>pelt>Barb C3>Fencer C2 and wondered if that was pretty much all that was needed to tank in this game, the swash buckle skill. If so should I focus more on outputing damage and just use fencers high evasion to tank mobs?

Re: New Player trying to build Fencer tank

Posted: May 15th, 2016, 12:16 pm
by arzh.mael

Tanking is more about block than evasion. So I recommand you to rely more on Peltasta's blocking skills & buffs than on Fencer's evasion in term of tanking. Fencer's evasion is an awesome «extra» to your tanking but don't focus on it as main way to tank since even full evasion you will be cap at ~85% while you do not have block cap.

About wich way to go before Fencer, it's up to you depending of your tastes.
Going for Peltasta C2+/Rodelero class is a good way if you want to be «full tank» and max your efficiency on this job. On the other hand you will have a lack of damage output and wont realy help your party on this part of the fight.
Going Barbarian/Hoplite class is better if you want to play the «off-tank» role. You won't be as good for tanking but you can still play the tank/lure job if your party needs it, and will be more usefull in term of damaging the monsters.
Just keep in mind that dealing damages when you are tanking will greatly decrease your survivability since you will not 'C' manual guard.

Re: New Player trying to build Fencer tank

Posted: May 16th, 2016, 1:07 am
by Kylus
Thanks for the reply, I think I'll end up making both types (full and off tank) and as I level both and ill see which I enjoy more. Thanks for the advice it helped a lot on tanking, it's hard to figure out these things to me since as far as content its hard to figure out which is better between the 2 since from what I see there is only 1 piece of content that would require a tank atm, which is Earth Tower(?) i think

Re: New Player trying to build Fencer tank

Posted: May 16th, 2016, 2:31 am
by Lalakoboldslayer
Actually I would forget taking Fencer for tank, and take it for damage, for Field Bosses.

Preparation+Attaque Coquille+Sept Etoiles+Attaque Composee

That's the build I'm using: ... 9xe6rph4o/

Lunge is there only for use with Montano. And Flanconnade, well on this one you got me, it's there for tanking, but since only need one point to be effective I couldn't find any reason not to have it.