1HSpearShield and 2HSpear Dps Build

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1HSpearShield and 2HSpear Dps Build

Post by Nazprel » April 2nd, 2016, 12:00 pm

Hello everyone,
Iam complete New to this kind of game.
The last 3-4 Days i have done a lot of reading about TOS and its classes.

I want to try out Swordsman.

So the idea here is to play DPS PVE.
One hand Spear and Shield and later Two Hand Spear.
In some situation i can swap from 2HSpear to 1HSpear Shield for more "Tank"

Here's my build


http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simu ... sosh8n86f/

Gung Ho and Concentrate is a no brain i think
The rest i take Bash and Pain Barrier 4-1

Peltasta.C1 (tank situation)
Swash Buckling the only one "Taunt"
The rest i go for Umbo Blow and Guardian

Finestra is a no brain
Stabbing-Pierce-Synchro Thrusting = 5-4-1 ( Not sure if this is good or not )

Finestra same as above
Stabbing-Pierce-Synchro Thrusting= 10-7-1 (Again not sure if this is good or not)
Spear Lunge just one point because more does not increase the duration of the vulnerability to Pierce attacks.
Long Stride just one point. (But maybe without it)

Finestra same as above
Stabbing maxing it out
Spear Throw just for the 0cd Cooldown
Pierce put the rest of the points

Cyclone i think is a no brain to max it out
Deeds of Valor max it out to
Mordschlag or Double Pay Earn i would take full Mordschlag but not sure.

Gae Bulg i think that the Dmg of this spell is insane so max out
Dragontooth-Serpentine-Dragon Soar i think i but the points so 5-4-1

So this is how my build looks like.
I would appreciate some feedback about this build.

Now about the stats allocation.

I think i would go with 10 points rotation.
5-STR, 3-CON, 1-SPR, 1-DEX
Not sure if 3-Con in all rotation would be necessary.

Again i would appreciate some feedback about this.

I would be grateful for all of your comments.
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Re: 1HSpearShield and 2HSpear Dps Build

Post by AleZand3r » April 13th, 2016, 10:21 pm

Hey, your build is pretty good! Hoplite is always a wonderful choice in any spear-wielding build (and a necessity).

However, if I may add some tweaks assuming that you're staying on this DPS/Off-tank/Bruiser build.

Rim Blow -> It isn't a great skill and its not horrible either, to be quite honest a lot of people use it as a filler skill. You don't have any petrify or freezing skills as a swordsman so you'll almost never take advantage of it unless you queue up with a cryomancer. I would put either all 5 points into this skill to up its damage a bit and use it along with Umbo blow or dump the remaining 5 points into Guardian for emergency off-tanking. I personally would take guardian because the extra 25% evasion from attributes feels like it will come in handy more often - especially if you are switching to a 2h spear. This is because rim blow can only be used with a shield - making it absolutely worthless when you have a 2h equipped - however you can use Guardian without a shield. I emphasize that you can go either or though some people don't take this because they'll always be having gungho up - you can't use gungho with guardian up they replace each other. In my personal experience, there have been a few times where I was forced to use guardian - especially in random queue and end being the only one with any tanking ability.

The rest of the skills in C1 Peltasta are great. Umbo Blow has very nice attributes, making it worth taking over rim blow any day, and swash-buckling gives +25% HP (max attribute)!

C1 Hoplite

Synchro Thrusting -> It sounds nice, but its yet another skill that requires you to use a shield but has nothing extra to it that makes it worth the investment or the loss in damage when switching from 2h -> 1h. It may feel useful at levels where you are stuck with a shield but it will gradually lose effectiveness quickly throughout hoplite C2 and C3. Rather then investing in this skill, I rather use that one point to get 5/5 pierce along with the stabbing. Both of those skills don't require a stance and since you're taking C3 hoplite they'll still be very viable to you late into the game.

Your skill choices in C2~C3 Hoplite are good. I don't see anything I would change here other then removing the points from synchro thrusting.

C1 Doppelsoeldner

This is unfamiliar territory for me here, so really think about it as you're reading.

IMO you should either go all in or Mord if you want the extra damage or all in on double pay earn for more loot and exp (I mean, who doesn't want that?! :awsm: )

Having one point in one and not maxing out the other seems like a waste to me. Unless you are really confident and do 4 mord and 1 double pay then time it for the last hit...sounds tedious though.

I personally would put all my points into mord and drop double pay. You can get a lot of silver from mob drops and running dungeons already, and mord has the 100% crit on cloth type enemies - might not run into it a lot in PvP though - then again, neither will double pay help you out in PvP matches.

Cyclone and Deeds of Valor are wonderful skills, keep them.

C1 Dragoon

Okay, so I've seen a lot of people build this slightly differently

But the way I'm building this is

5/5 Gae bolg -> Its a great skill with some decent attributes. It seems to have a set distance that you can't adjust though - which can make it kinda annoying.

5/5 serpentine ->cause its like your stabbing, but has a chance to inflict bleed with attributes. Since you took C3 hoplite - I don't know if this will be necessary though, but hey, two stabbings are better than one! Right?

and finally its 4/5 dragontooth (filler) and 1/5 dragon soar (utility)

:hmm: These are just my thoughts on the skills within those classes and how I would build - I hope this helped you in some way though. :pif:

edit: You also can get rid of long stride, don't see much use in that myself.
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