About Peltasta and Rodelero skills

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About Peltasta and Rodelero skills

Post by Dramocle » March 23rd, 2016, 3:08 pm

I did not play in the cbt\obt. And i'm not a native English speaker.
I have questions about the additional effects of some skills.

Image Peltasta

P.S. Solved.

Image Rodelero

2: Image Montano
...with a chance to paralyze.
What chance?

3: Image Targe Smash
Has a chance to afflict [Blind] on the enemy.
What chance?

4: P.S. Solved.

5: P.S. Solved.

6: Image Shield Bash
Damaged enemies will have their stats temporarily scrambled.
What does it mean?

7: Image High Kick
Hit enemies will temporarily take additional Strike damage.
How much more Strike damage?

Thank you in advance!
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