Hoplite/Doppelsoeldner/Dragoon build

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Hoplite/Doppelsoeldner/Dragoon build

Post by rod.duarte » March 19th, 2016, 11:11 am


I've been playing kTOS for a while now, and I'm fine-tuning the build I'll use for iTOS.

I'm set on making a Swordsman.

The build I have right now is

Swordsman / Peltasta / Hoplite C3 / Doppelsoeldner / Dragoon

So the plan with it is, to be a DPS and also serve as a bruiser (off tank).
I only take the three buffs from swordie.
Then, Guardian, Umbo Blow and Swashbuckling from Peltasta.
For Hoplite, Finestra, Stabbing and Pierce, with one point less in Pierce to get Spear Lunge.
Then I get Cyclone, Deeds of Valor and Mordschlag from Doppelsoeldner.
Dopp C2 isn't worth it because the other 3 skills need a 2H sword to use.
So I get Dragoon to finish off with 2H Spear for cake icing DPS.

Now this is the thing: Some people tell me it's not worth it going Hoplite C3 because one crit gem in my weapon will do what the extra 5 finestra points do now, and that adding another class like a Corsair, will add more to my DPS than the extra 5 points in Stabbing and Pierce.
Another two suggestions were to add a Cataphract level here, for the move speed and earthquake, for the AOE, or even a Squire for the utility of repairing weapons.

What I need to know is: If I don't get Hoplite C3, and get Corsair, will it really improve my DPS more? Because from what I understand I'd have to switch to Spear + Dagger to fully benefit from Corsair. This conflicts with my strategy of getting 2H spear from Dragoon, and having two stances: 1H Spear + Shield for tanking, and 2H Spear for DPS.

Or, is it worth it getting Cataphract and getting 2H spear 3 ranks earlier + another AOE + move speed?
Or, is it worth it getting Squire for utility? How much will this hurt my DPS?

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